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This is the set category for articles about fountain pens. Pilot Capless

Introduced in 1964, the Pilot Capless pen introduced a fountain pen nib that could be retracted into the pen barrel via the use of a knock mechanism at the end of the barrel. Originally marketed under the name Capless, the name was changed to Vanishing Point in the United States and elsewhere due to trademark concerns. [citation required] The Capless has been marketed under the brand names of Pilot and Namiki, though use of the brand Namiki seems to have been dropped by the early 1990's.

The pen design has subtlety evolved over years. [further discussion required]

The current Capless design features a full sized pen referred to as the Capless or the Vanishing Point and a thinner version called the Decimo (also spelled Desimo). In 2022, Pilot introduced a variant of the Capless design called the Capless (or Vanishing Point) LS. This features a modified knock design that withdrawn the fountain nib by rotating a mechanism incorporated in the knock.

Limited Editions

The Pilot Capless (Vanishing Point) introduced four color ways of a limited design Cross Hatched in 1999. They were Blue, Gray, Green and Red mixed with a Black background color. All trim was gold.[edition size required]

In 2003, Pilot introduced the first, unnumbered, limited, global edition of Mandarin Yellow Capless using Silver colored trim in an edition of 1500 pens. They also introduced to Japan the Kasuri (Carbonesque) design in Red also in an unnumbered edition of 1500 pens.

In 2005, Pilot introduced a limited edition of 150 of the Lame Orange Capless in Japan.

In 2006, Pilot marketed an unnumbered, limited, global edition of 1235 Ice Blue Limited Edition Capless with Silver trim.

In 2007, Pilot marketed a numbered, limited, global edition of 1200 Crushed Orange Capless with Silver trim. This is the first numbered limited edition.