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Spoke Design
Spoke website 180x.png
Founded: 2012
Founder: Brian Conti
Headquarters: Charlotte, NC, USA
Key People: Brian Conti, Brad Dowdy
Products: mechanical pencils, kickstarter campaigns, pens, fountain pens
Website: https://spokedesign.com

Since 2012, Spoke Design has created a number of mechanical pencils and pens for sale via Kickstarter and their own website.

Production models[edit]

Mechanical pencils have included Model 3, Model 4, Model 5-2, Model 5-3, and Model 6.

Spoke Pen production began in 2019 following completion of the Spoke Pen Kickstarter. Spoke Pen models have included the Classic Series, Crush Series, Jet Series, and Editions. These pens shipped with Uniball Signo UMR-1-05 gel ink refill (from the Uniball Signo DX Pen) and can take:

  • UMR-8# (refill for Signo 207/307 pen)
  • Pentel LR# (refill for Energel RTX pen)
  • Uniball SCR-# (refill for Jetstream ballpoint).

In 2020, the Spoke Roady pocket pen was introduced. This series is compatible with Parker-style refills and ships with a Uni Jetstream SXR-600-07 Black 0.7mm refill.

Spoke began producing fountain pens in 2021 and initially released the Icon, Axle, and Axle S models.