Write Here SCRIBO Pen

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Write Here SCRIBO Pen
Manufacturer: Scrittura Bolognese
Nib options: 18ct and 14ct gold nib
Filling mechanism: piston filler
Made in : Italy

The Write Here SCRIBO pen was launched at the London Writing Equipment Show in 2017. I is a collaboration between Scrittura Bolognese, created by former employees of OMAS pens, and John Hall from Write Here, a pen shop in Shrewsbury, England. It came about because Write Here were distributors of OMAS pens in the United Kingdom.

Designed by Flaminia Angelone, it is an acrylic piston filling fountain pen in grey with rhodium plated appointments and green highlights. The second series is made of red or green acrylic material, but is otherwise identical to the first series.

A notable feature of the pens is that the nib is to the exact specification of the OMAS OM81, both in 18ct and 14ct gold, the latter being Extra Flexible.

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