TWSBI Diamond 580

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Diamond 580
Manufacturer: TWSBI
Nib options: 1.1mm stub, B, M, F, EF
Filling mechanism: Bottled Ink
Made in : Taiwan

The Diamond 580, often just called the 580, is a demonstrator piston filler pen. Available in two versions, the standard plastic version, and an aluminum version. Both versions are available in limited run colored options, with the cap, section and piston knob colored in the standard plastic version, and the section and piston mechanism colored in the aluminum versions.

Prior versions include the Diamond 530, and the Diamond 540

Dimensions: 142 mm14.2 cm
5.591 inches
capped, 130 mm13 cm
5.118 inches
uncapped, barrel diameter 13.3 mm1.33 cm
0.524 inches

Weight: 28 g0.028 kg
0.988 ounces

Ink Capacity: 1.98 ml0.0697 Imperialfluidounce

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