Faber-Castell Loom

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Manufacturer: Faber-Castell
Type: Ballpoint, Fountain, Rollerball
Refill : Cartridge, Converter
Made in : Germany

The Loom is a line of pens in Faber-Castell's fine writing collection[1]. It is available in fountain, ballpoint and rollerball varieties.

The fountain and rollerball pens have each have a cylindrical metallic barrel and grip section while the cap is made out of plastic, with a flat end and spring clip. The Faber Castell Loom comes in two variants, metallic and piano. Both versions come in a variety of cap colors. The main difference between the two is the fact that the barrel is brushed in the metallic version and high polish in the piano version. The grip comes on both models brushed. The grip is thick with a series of circles that are comfortable and offer enough grip. The fountain pen is on the heavy sizes of fountain pens, and top heavy. If you post the cap the fountain pen becomes more balanced but the length of the fountain is considerable. Because of the weight, the fountain pen glides on the paper whit very little effort. The nibs are available in EF, F, M, B, and are the same nibs shared with the models Basic, Ondoro, Emotion, Ambition. The nib are small and do not offer flex but write very well. The nib produces quite a lot of sound during writing but you can't feel the feedback. The nib has a very nice design with dots and the Faber Castell logo embossed. The cap is in an accent color very different from the rest of the pen. Because it is plastic it is very lite. The exact opposite of the rest of the fountain pen. But this is a feature I think was done intentionally to keep the weight of the pen manageable especially for those who like to post the cap. The quality of the plastic is not the best, especially the clip which can't take too much abuse. It is very hard to take the cap off the fountain pen, making this fountain pen not the best one for taking quick notes. But because of the very good seal, the nib doesn't dry even if the fountain pen is left unused for a couple of weeks. The Loom takes standard international cartridges, long cartridges or a converter, but you have to buy the converter separately.

The ballpoint version is capless – rotating to reveal the end of the pen.

References and Notes[edit]

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