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This is a list of contributions for the Stationery Wiki:Mechanical Pencil Day Contest 2019.

Judges are encouraged to base their decision on the information and links found on this page to ensure no contributions after the deadline are taken into account. Participants are encouraged to check for mistakes and amend if necessary.


  • Uni Kuru Toga (3,712 bytes)
  • Zebra DelGuard (2,451 bytes)
  • List of mechanical pencil on the Muji page (ca 3,100 bytes)
  • Two photos for the Uni Kuru Toga article, one for a Muji rotating pencil and one for the Del Guard pencil.





Ruurd[edit][edit] contributed to the Rotring 600 article, but as this user was not logged it it will not be possible to assign the edits to a participant.