Uni Shift Pipe Lock Mechanical Pencil

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Uni Shift Pipe Lock Drafting Pencil
Also called:
Manufacturer: Uni-ball
Pen Type: Mechanical Pencil
First released:
Discontinued: Still available
Made in : Japan

Uni shift pipe lock.jpg

The Uni-ball Shift Pipe Lock Mechanical Pencil is available in 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 lead sizes and in several different body and trim colors.

The pencil has a retractable guide pipe to protect the tip when not in use. The knurled grip section is metal and the pen body is plastic.

Reference no. Color/accent
M51010LF.NAVY glossy blue
M5-1010.24 black
M5-1010.15 matte red
M5xxxxxxx glossy red
M51010.26 silver/blue
M51010.26 silver/light blue
M91010.26 silver/red
M41010.26 silver/green
M71010.26 silver/orange

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