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The Erasable Podcast is a podcast dedicated primarily to the world as it revolves around pencils.

The podcast is hosted by Johnny Gamber, Tim Wasem and Andy Welfle.

The first episode was released on 14 March 2014.


Below is a sortable list of all Erasable podcast episodes

 EpisodeTitleGuestsDateLength (minutes)Q&A
Erasable 11The Inaugural Episode12 March 201471 min1.183 h <br />
Erasable 22A Ferrule to Arms25 March 201489 min1.483 h <br />
Erasable 33Indepen(cil)dance Day30 March 201453 min0.883 h <br />
Erasable 44Woodfellas15 April 201475 min1.25 h <br />
Erasable 55Dazed and Reused5 May 201449 min0.817 h <br />
Erasable 66The Brotherhood of the Traveling Sharpener20 May 201482 min1.367 h <br />
Erasable 77Power to the PPIL3 June 201475 min1.25 h <br />
Erasable 88Heroes of Pencildom, Book the First17 June 201468 min1.133 h <br />
Erasable 99Bullet Pencil with Butterfly Wings1 July 201479 min1.317 h <br />
Erasable 1010The Graphites of Wrath15 July 201479 min1.317 h <br />
Erasable 1111Ain't Nothing but an HB ThingBrad Dowdy30 July 2014111 min1.85 h <br />
Erasable 1212Full Metal Pencil11 August 201471 min1.183 h <br />
Erasable 1313Episode 13, "Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 1"29 August 201446 min0.767 h <br />
Erasable 1414Incense Cedar House Rules15 September 201497 min1.617 h <br />
Erasable 1515The Joke is There is No Joke (with David Rees)23 September 201491 min1.517 h <br />
Erasable 1616The Amazing Erase8 October 201499 min1.65 h <br />
Erasable 1717C’mon, Baby — Let’s Do The Twist21 October 201498 min1.633 h <br />
Erasable 1818National Pencil Callus Club5 November 201499 min1.65 h <br />
Erasable 1919The Prospector General20 November 201480 min1.333 h <br />
Erasable 2020The Big Two-Oh10 December 201471 min1.183 h <br />
Erasable 2121Bullet (Pencil) in the Blue Sky7 January 201592 min1.533 h <br />
Erasable 2222I Got One Note in My Pocket17 January 201592 min1.533 h <br />
Erasable 2323Small M Moleskine8 February 201581 min1.35 h <br />
Erasable 2424The Big Notebookski20 February 201564 min1.067 h <br />
Erasable 2525The Laddie's Man (or, Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 2)8 March 201560 min1 h <br />
Erasable 2626One Year of Pencil Ramblings30 March 2015110 min1.833 h <br />
Erasable 2727Going Full Hamster14 April 201594 min1.567 h <br />
Erasable 2828Clips, Tacks and Kraft Paperbacks27 April 201593 min1.55 h <br />
Erasable 2929Tintentod (“Ink Death”)19 May 201593 min1.55 h <br />
Erasable 3030Tim's ExistPENCIL Crisis4 June 201594 min1.567 h <br />
Erasable 3131KUM Masterpiece Theatre16 June 201586 min1.433 h <br />
Erasable 32321 July 201590 min1.5 h <br />
Erasable 3333Cover Me14 July 201583 min1.383 h <br />
Erasable 3434More and More and More and More and More with Mike Dudek29 July 201558 min0.967 h <br />
Erasable 3535Land of the Rising Pun: What Makes Japanese Pencils So Special10 August 201579 min1.317 h <br />
Erasable 3636The Steinbeck Stage (or, Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 3)10 September 201561 min1.017 h <br />
Erasable 3737What’s the 211, Buster?27 September 201561 min1.017 h <br />
Erasable 3838Wax On, Wax Off: The Inner Peace of Colored Pencils with Ana Reinert13 October 201582 min1.367 h <br />
Erasable 3939A Thoreau Discussion About Plumbago27 October 201552 min0.867 h <br />
Erasable 4040I, Pencil Nerd19 November 201564 min1.067 h <br />
Erasable 4141Hitting the Marks (Not Literally)2 December 201582 min1.367 h <br />
Erasable 4242Tombow Mono C3PO and the Blackwing Falcon30 December 201586 min1.433 h <br />
Erasable 4343The Bugle Boys20 January 201664 min1.067 h <br />
Erasable 4444Nothing a Sharpie Can't Fix (Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 4)3 February 201647 min0.783 h <br />
Erasable 4545Love Nibbles on My Pencil17 February 201672 min1.2 h <br />
Erasable 4646Make America Sharp Again1 March 201684 min1.4 h <br />
Erasable 4747Vanilla Coke and Advil14 March 201663 min1.05 h <br />
Erasable 4848Members Only23 March 201665 min1.083 h <br />
Erasable 4949You Can't Spell "Pencil" Without "Pen"Brad Dowdy1 April 201668 min1.133 h <br />
Erasable 5050In Case of Dowdy, Break Glass12 April 2016103 min1.717 h <br />
Erasable 5151A Trash Fire of a Pencil4 May 201683 min1.383 h <br />
Erasable 5252Pencil Butts17 May 201684 min1.4 h <br />
Erasable 5353My Badger is Better Than Your Badger1 June 201661 min1.017 h <br />
Erasable 5454Rubber Lubbers (with guest Ana Reinert)15 June 201684 min1.4 h <br />
Erasable 5555Taxonomy of Stubbage (with guest June Thomas)June Thomas29 June 2016107 min1.783 h <br />
Erasable 5656For Rosie (or, Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 5)15 July 201670 min1.167 h <br />
Erasable 5757The F Bomb31 July 201667 min1.117 h <br />
Erasable 5858Rammstein in the Shower15 August 201683 min1.383 h <br />
Erasable 5959Too School for Cool8 September 201677 min1.283 h <br />
Erasable 6060CarboWeld Stronger Points30 September 201659 min0.983 h <br />
Erasable 6161South Baltimore Fancy Quarterly Stationery Party8 October 201660 min1 h <br />
Erasable 6262Baron Fig and His Dozen ArchersJoey Cofone18 October 201663 min1.05 h <br />
Erasable 6363Composing OurselvesLess Harper3 November 201676 min1.267 h <br />
Erasable 6464Mit Mesaw and the Top Fives19 November 201655 min0.917 h <br />
Erasable 6565Cowabunga Bossanova (with Caroline and Caitlin from CW Pencils)Caitlin Elgin9 December 2016115 min1.917 h <br />
Erasable 6666Not Everything Sucked31 December 201660 min1 h <br />
Erasable 6767Unstale, Unblunt Objects20 January 201791 min1.517 h <br />
Erasable 6868Lost Episode0 min0 h <br />
Erasable 6969The Nütbok with Harry C. Marks23 February 201788 min1.467 h <br />
Erasable 7070Tim Wasem and His 10B Voice8 March 201772 min1.2 h <br />
Erasable 7171Squeak Factor and the Bassline HorriblesDade Scolardi23 March 2017100 min1.667 h <br />
Erasable 7272Smash the Patriarchy, Then Work, Then Whiskey31 March 201782 min1.367 h <br />
Erasable 7373Millennial Pink RoséCaitlin Elgin21 April 2017121 min2.017 h <br />
Erasable 7474The Empty Space is for PastaJoey Cofone2 May 201762 min1.033 h <br />
Erasable 7575Hashtag Tactical VapeMichael Hagan16 May 2017105 min1.75 h <br />
Erasable 7676A Suspicious Amount of Pencils16 June 201780 min1.333 h <br />
Erasable 7777Taking Up Space in My Pencil Case6 July 2017