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Below is a sortable list of all Erasable podcast episodes

 EpisodeTitleGuestsDateLength (minutes)
Erasable 11The Inaugural Episode12 March 201471 min
1.183 h
Erasable 22A Ferrule to Arms25 March 201489 min
1.483 h
Erasable 33Indepen(cil)dance Day30 March 201453 min
0.883 h
Erasable 44Woodfellas15 April 201475 min
1.25 h
Erasable 55Dazed and Reused5 May 201449 min
0.817 h
Erasable 66The Brotherhood of the Traveling Sharpener20 May 201482 min
1.367 h
Erasable 77Power to the PPIL3 June 201475 min
1.25 h
Erasable 88Heroes of Pencildom, Book the First17 June 201468 min
1.133 h
Erasable 99Bullet Pencil with Butterfly Wings1 July 201479 min
1.317 h
Erasable 1010The Graphites of Wrath15 July 201479 min
1.317 h
Erasable 1111Ain't Nothing but an HB ThingBrad Dowdy30 July 2014111 min
1.85 h
Erasable 1212Full Metal Pencil11 August 201471 min
1.183 h
Erasable 1313Episode 13, "Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 1"29 August 201446 min
0.767 h
Erasable 1414Incense Cedar House Rules15 September 201497 min
1.617 h
Erasable 1515The Joke is There is No Joke (with David Rees)23 September 201491 min
1.517 h
Erasable 1616The Amazing Erase8 October 201499 min
1.65 h
Erasable 1717C’mon, Baby — Let’s Do The Twist21 October 201498 min
1.633 h
Erasable 1818National Pencil Callus Club5 November 201499 min
1.65 h
Erasable 1919The Prospector General20 November 201480 min
1.333 h
Erasable 2020The Big Two-Oh10 December 201471 min
1.183 h
Erasable 2121Bullet (Pencil) in the Blue Sky7 January 201592 min
1.533 h
Erasable 2222I Got One Note in My Pocket17 January 201592 min
1.533 h
Erasable 2323Small M Moleskine8 February 201581 min
1.35 h
Erasable 2424The Big Notebookski20 February 201564 min
1.067 h
Erasable 2525The Laddie's Man (or, Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 2)8 March 201560 min
1 h
Erasable 2626One Year of Pencil Ramblings30 March 2015110 min
1.833 h
Erasable 2727Going Full Hamster14 April 201594 min
1.567 h
Erasable 2828Clips, Tacks and Kraft Paperbacks27 April 201593 min
1.55 h
Erasable 2929Tintentod (“Ink Death”)19 May 201593 min
1.55 h
Erasable 3030Tim's ExistPENCIL Crisis4 June 201594 min
1.567 h
Erasable 3131KUM Masterpiece Theatre16 June 201586 min
1.433 h
Erasable 32321 July 201590 min
1.5 h
Erasable 3333Cover Me14 July 201583 min
1.383 h
Erasable 3434More and More and More and More and More with Mike Dudek29 July 201558 min
0.967 h
Erasable 3535Land of the Rising Pun: What Makes Japanese Pencils So Special10 August 201579 min
1.317 h
Erasable 3636The Steinbeck Stage (or, Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 3)10 September 201561 min
1.017 h
Erasable 3737What’s the 211, Buster?27 September 201561 min
1.017 h
Erasable 3838Wax On, Wax Off: The Inner Peace of Colored Pencils with Ana Reinert13 October 201582 min
1.367 h
Erasable 3939A Thoreau Discussion About Plumbago27 October 201552 min
0.867 h
Erasable 4040I, Pencil Nerd19 November 201564 min
1.067 h
Erasable 4141Hitting the Marks (Not Literally)2 December 201582 min
1.367 h
Erasable 4242Tombow Mono C3PO and the Blackwing Falcon30 December 201586 min
1.433 h
Erasable 4343The Bugle Boys20 January 201664 min
1.067 h
Erasable 4444Nothing a Sharpie Can't Fix (Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 4)3 February 201647 min
0.783 h
Erasable 4545Love Nibbles on My Pencil17 February 201672 min
1.2 h
Erasable 4646Make America Sharp Again1 March 201684 min
1.4 h
Erasable 4747Vanilla Coke and Advil14 March 201663 min
1.05 h
Erasable 4848Members Only23 March 201665 min
1.083 h
Erasable 4949You Can't Spell "Pencil" Without "Pen"Brad Dowdy1 April 201668 min
1.133 h
Erasable 5050In Case of Dowdy, Break Glass12 April 2016103 min
1.717 h
Erasable 5151A Trash Fire of a Pencil4 May 201683 min
1.383 h
Erasable 5252Pencil Butts17 May 201684 min
1.4 h
Erasable 5353My Badger is Better Than Your Badger1 June 201661 min
1.017 h
Erasable 5454Rubber Lubbers (with guest Ana Reinert)15 June 201684 min
1.4 h
Erasable 5555Taxonomy of Stubbage (with guest June Thomas)June Thomas29 June 2016107 min
1.783 h
Erasable 5656For Rosie (or, Fresh Points of Bel Aire, Part 5)15 July 201670 min
1.167 h
Erasable 5757The F Bomb31 July 201667 min
1.117 h
Erasable 5858Rammstein in the Shower15 August 201683 min
1.383 h
Erasable 5959Too School for Cool8 September 201677 min
1.283 h
Erasable 6060CarboWeld Stronger Points30 September 201659 min
0.983 h
Erasable 6161South Baltimore Fancy Quarterly Stationery Party8 October 201660 min
1 h
Erasable 6262Baron Fig and His Dozen ArchersJoey Cofone18 October 201663 min
1.05 h
Erasable 6363Composing OurselvesLess Harper3 November 201676 min
1.267 h
Erasable 6464Mit Mesaw and the Top Fives19 November 201655 min
0.917 h
Erasable 6565Cowabunga Bossanova (with Caroline and Caitlin from CW Pencils)Caitlin Elgin9 December 2016115 min
1.917 h
Erasable 6666Not Everything Sucked31 December 201660 min
1 h
Erasable 6767Unstale, Unblunt Objects20 January 201791 min
1.517 h
Erasable 6868Lost Episode0 min
0 h
Erasable 6969The Nütbok with Harry C. Marks23 February 201788 min
1.467 h
Erasable 7070Tim Wasem and His 10B Voice8 March 201772 min
1.2 h
Erasable 7171Squeak Factor and the Bassline HorriblesDee Scolardi23 March 2017100 min
1.667 h
Erasable 7272Smash the Patriarchy, Then Work, Then Whiskey31 March 201782 min
1.367 h
Erasable 7373Millennial Pink RoséCaitlin Elgin21 April 2017121 min
2.017 h
Erasable 7474The Empty Space is for PastaJoey Cofone2 May 201762 min
1.033 h
Erasable 7575Hashtag Tactical VapeMichael Hagan16 May 2017105 min
1.75 h
Erasable 7676A Suspicious Amount of Pencils16 June 201780 min
1.333 h
Erasable 7777Taking Up Space in My Pencil Case6 July 2017

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