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Founded: 1934
Founder: Wu Gengmei
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Key People:
Products: Pencil

Mechanical Pencil

Fountain Pen

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Fanily Photo of THREE STAR



In the 1930s, China's light industry was so backward that it could not make its own pencils. In 1934, Wu Tongmei, a Chinese student in Japan, returned home to start construction of a pencil factory, the first pencil factory in China, the Chinese Standard Pencil Factory, which went into operation in August 1935. The first product was named 'Fei ji'.

Then, in 1937, the factory launched its new product, 'Ding', the first advanced drawing pencil. The pen is made entirely of Chinese ingredients: clay from Suzhou, China, birch from northeast China, graphite from Hunan, China. After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, the factory turned to Wuhan, Yichang and many places, and finally landed in Chongqing.

During the Anti-Japanese War, the leadership of the factory split, General Manager Zhang Weiss, engineer Guo Zichun suggested that the factory move back to Shanghai, and Wu Tongmei factory director did not agree, and then Zhang, Guo two left the factory.

After the victory, Wu was received by Mao Zedong during the Chongqing talks. In 1946, the factory moved back to Shanghai to resume work, and the factory was on the verge of bankruptcy because of high inflation in the KMT-ruled region at the time.

In 1949, the factory sent several technical backbone, carrying equipment to Harbin, China, to build a factory, this is Shanghai's first private enterprises to foreign public-private joint venture plant. In September, director Wu Tongmei attended the Chinese the First Congress of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

In May 1950, China Standard Pencil Factory realized a public-private partnership. In 1954, several pencil factories in Shanghai, including the China Standard Pencil Factory, merged into the China Pencil Company. In 1955, the whole of Shanghai pen industry merged into Shanghai Pen Industry Company. One of the pencil factory into NO.1 Factory, NO.2 Factory, Beijing THREE STAR Pencil Factory.


In 1966, the public-private partnership of the factory was completed and officially became a state-owned enterprise. In 1968, in order to save timber resources, the factory developed its first mechanical pencil named 'THREE STAR 101'. In 1978, the factory developed its first leadholder mechanical pencil named 'THREE STAR 105'. Both housings are plastic and use a 2.0mm lead core.

In 1979, as china-Japan relations heated up, the Ministry of Light Industry of the People's Republic of China led a delegation to Japan and brought back several 0.5mm fine line mechanical pencil. In 1980, China's first fine line mechanical pencil 'THREE STAR 700' was successfully developed. Over the next two years, 720,721,740,750,702,703 grades of mechanical pencils were made.

From the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, factories began to develop Auto-Advance mechanism pencil, introducing products such as the A701,705. So far, China NO.2 Pencil Factory reached its peak.

List of The Name of The Factory[edit]

Name Year
Chinese Standard Pencil Factory 1934-1950
Public-private partnership with China Standard Pencil Factory 1950-1954
Public-private partnership with China Pencil Co. 1954-1955
Public-private partnership with China NO.2 Pencil Factory 1955-1966
China NO.2 Pencil Factory,Shanghai 1966-1993
Shanghai Three Star Stationery Enterprise Co.,Ltd. 1993-Now


Model name Additional Features / Informations
101 Pen case.
105 Lead-Holder
700 The first fine line mechanical pencil in China.
A701 Auto-Advance mechanism
705 Auto-Advance mechanism
 First releasedDiscontinuedPen lengthPen weightMaterialMechanism
THREE STAR 70019802000132 mm13.2 cm <br />5.197 inches <br />18 g0.018 kg <br />0.635 ounces <br />Stainless steelRatchet-based mechanism
THREE STAR 70119831993Ratchet-based mechanism
THREE STAR 70219852000Ratchet-based mechanism
THREE STAR 70319801993Ratchet-based mechanism
THREE STAR 70519851987135 mm13.5 cm <br />5.315 inches <br />23 g0.023 kg <br />0.811 ounces <br />Stainless steelAuto-Advance mechanism
THREE STAR 720,72119802000Ratchet-based mechanism
THREE STAR A70119841993143 mm14.3 cm <br />5.63 inches <br />16 g0.016 kg <br />0.564 ounces <br />Stainless steel
Auto-Advance mechanism

Notes and references[edit]