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Also called: 700
Manufacturer: THREE STAR, also called China NO.2 Pencil Factory,Shanghai
Pen Type: Mechanical Pencil
First released: 1980
Discontinued: about 2000
Made in : China
7 types of THREE STAR 700 pencil

The THREE STAR 700 was first released in 1980. It's the first fine line mechanical pencil in China。


In May 1980, Shanghai Pen Industries visited Parker's plant in Wisconsin. During this time Parker proposed a number of possible cooperation projects with Shanghai Pen Industry Corporation, one of which was the manufacture of a fine line mechanical pencil core of the same size as the G2 ballpoint pen core(Schmidt Structure).

After the visit, The Shanghai Pen Industry Company handed over the task to its subsidiary, China NO.2 Pencil Factory, and successfully producted it at the end of 1980. Although the partnership with Parker was ultimately not reached, China NO.2 Pencil Factory did not abandon the project, but instead used it on the Hero 400 Ballpoint Pen produced at the Shanghai Ballpoint Pen Factory.To distinguish between the models of the ballpoint pen, its name is Hero 700.

Later, in 1981, The China NO.2 Pencil Factory began to produce its own barrels, at which time the model changed from the Hero 700 to the THREE STAR 700.


The shell of THREE STAR 700 is made of stainless steel. Because the shells of the early THREE STAR 700 and Hero 400 used the same the same size and process, the THREE STAR 700 looked very similar to the shape of the Hero 400 ballpoint pen and the shell processing process.

Length:132 mm13.2 cm <br />5.197 inches <br />

Weight: 18 g0.018 kg <br />0.635 ounces <br />

Ratchet-based mechanism