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RSVP Stationery is a 'podcast where 3 people talk about pens, pencils, paper, fancy chalk, the evils of whiteboard markers, coffee, and so much more. Sometimes we’ll get philosophical, sometimes we’ll crack bad jokes. We’ll be off topic and there will be plenty of bells and dings as we clean up our act.'[1]


Below is a sortable list of all RSVP Stationery podcast episodes

 EpisodeTitleGuestsDateLength (minutes)Q&A
RSVP Stationery 00Introductions19 April 201740 min0.667 h
RSVP Stationery 11A Hex So Sharp It Hurts26 April 201758 min0.967 h
RSVP Stationery 22We’re So Tangential3 May 201766 min1.1 h
RSVP Stationery 33Taco Tuesday9 May 201762 min1.033 h
RSVP Stationery 44Now It's Ruined!24 May 201787 min1.45 h
RSVP Stationery 55Less is a Dirtbag7 June 201770 min1.167 h
RSVP Stationery 66It Smells Like Rotten Cabbage21 June 201749 min0.817 h
RSVP Stationery 77It’s No Blackwing or Casemates5 July 201760 min1 h
RSVP Stationery 88I Literally Talk for a Living19 July 201759 min0.983 h
RSVP Stationery 99Three Shots of Espresso Isn’t a Lot Actually…2 August 201757 min0.95 h
RSVP Stationery 1010Like a TacoBell Sauce Packet16 August 201775 min1.25 h
RSVP Stationery 1111Me and My Tool13 September 201760 min1 h
RSVP Stationery 1212I Scream, You Scream…27 September 201762 min1.033 h
RSVP Stationery 1313I’ve Got a PDA!11 October 201774 min1.233 h
RSVP Stationery 1414Baby Canada Dry25 October 201774 min1.233 h
RSVP Stationery 1515Bro Journals and Stuff My Dad Likes8 November 201750 min0.833 h
RSVP Stationery 1616Eat My Cookies!22 November 201792 min1.533 h
RSVP Stationery 1717Cucumbers or Raspberries6 December 201768 min1.133 h
RSVP Stationery 17.517.5An Interview with Joey Cofone of Baron Fig AKA Lenore Is Going to Be So JealousJoey Cofone10 December 201773 min1.217 h
RSVP Stationery 17.7517.75Hold My Beer! An Interview with Brad Dowdy of the Pen AddictBrad Dowdy16 December 201780 min1.333 h
RSVP Stationery 1818Ho, Ho, Ho, 'tis the Season for FOMO20 December 201742 min0.7 h
RSVP Stationery 1919I Like a Good WidgetBrad Dowdy3 January 201842 min0.7 h

References and Notes[edit]

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