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Dot Grid is a podcast by and for people who love technology of any era or level of timelessness. People who love sharpening pencils and writing HTML, who take notes on an iPad or a legal pad. We explore topics that involve both analog and digital — productivity, creativity, travel, journaling and more. Join us![1]


Below is a sortable list of all Dot Grid podcast episodes

 EpisodeTitleGuestsDateLength (minutes)Q&A
Dot Grid 11A Series of Firsts14 January 2015105 min1.75 h <br />
Dot Grid 22Johnny Gamber is my Analog Spirit Animal25 January 201570 min1.167 h <br />
Dot Grid 33It's About Markdown, Harry12 February 201590 min1.5 h <br />
Dot Grid 44Never Enough SnarkHarry Marks27 February 201590 min1.5 h <br />
Dot Grid 55Reasons to Keep Livin' with Aaron DraplinAaron Draplin12 March 201580 min1.333 h <br />
Dot Grid 66GIF Sommelier26 March 201584 min1.4 h <br />
Dot Grid 77Ambient Noise with Mike RohdeMike Rohde10 April 201570 min1.167 h <br />
Dot Grid 88To-Do Lists and Awkward Internet Hugs23 April 2015100 min1.667 h <br />
Dot Grid 99The Elusive Intangible with Joey Cofone of Baron FigJoey Cofone28 May 201568 min1.133 h <br />
Dot Grid 1010Prosumer Giffer with Dr. Chase NordengrenChase Nordengren11 June 201562 min1.033 h <br />
Dot Grid 1111Reading29 June 201587 min1.45 h <br />
Dot Grid 1212App Sand Mandalas6 July 201585 min1.417 h <br />
Dot Grid 1313Like Uber, but for Pictures22 July 201559 min0.983 h <br />
Dot Grid 1414Digital Online Audio Publication20 August 201587 min1.45 h <br />
Dot Grid 1515I Can't Believe This is Actually Happening28 July 201676 min1.267 h <br />
Dot Grid 1616A Notebook with a Manbun12 July 201799 min1.65 h <br />
Dot Grid 1717Podcasters Got Opinions12 July 201784 min1.4 h <br />
Dot Grid 1818There is a Fire in Bedroom Two5 October 201795 min1.583 h <br />
Dot Grid 1919Cuz I’m the MF’in Teacher, That’s Why6 November 201795 min1.583 h <br />
Dot Grid 2020BombCyclone.men24 January 201885 min1.417 h <br />
Dot Grid 2121#DotGridIRL9 November 201973 min1.217 h <br />

References and Notes[edit]

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