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Alexander Kramer
Company: Drac and Code
Location: Washington
Social Media: Twitter - @AlexKramerBlogs, Instagram - DracAndCode,

CodePen - Aykray

Website: Nightmare Coloring

My name is Alexander Kramer.




I have a little infamy with this community: I resurrected the terrifying portrait of Brad Dowdy as a coloring page.

I have caught the wiki bug, so have now been trying to at least touch this place with an edit or two (or hours at a time) at least once a day.

I am also trying to be more consistent about reaching out to various groups, companies, and individuals who have firsthand knowledge of all things stationery to bring back into this wiki collaboration.

[Disclaimer: I have been involved with the non-profit Pay It Forward, first as designing their logo, and involved with the "Heart of Gold" Kickstarter launched in February 2017]

Areas of Interest[edit]

On, I have enjoyed staying nestled in different areas, including: