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Alexander Kramer
Company: Drac and Code
Location: Washington
Social Media: Twitter - @AlexKramerBlogs, Instagram - DracAndCode,

CodePen - Aykray

Website: Nightmare Coloring

My name is Alexander Kramer.




I have a little infamy with this community: I resurrected the terrifying portrait of Brad Dowdy as a coloring page.

I have caught the wiki bug, so have now been trying to at least touch this place with an edit or two (or hours at a time) at least once a day.

I am also trying to be more consistent about reaching out to various groups, companies, and individuals who have firsthand knowledge of all things stationery to bring back into this wiki collaboration.

[Disclaimer: I have been involved with the non-profit Pay-It-Forward, first as designing their logo, then involved with the "Heart of Gold" Kickstarter launched in February 2018, and then fully taking over as main admin for fulfillment of the campaign in October 2018 through March 2019]

Areas of Interest[edit]

On, I have enjoyed staying nestled in different areas, including: