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Nock Co.
Logo for Nock Co.
Founded: August 18 2013
Founder: Brad Dowdy & Jeffrey Bruckwicki
Headquarters: 1841 Marietta Blvd NW, Suite K, Atlanta, GA, USA,30318
Key People:
Products: Carry cases, stationery


Nock Co. is a manufacturer company based in Georgia, USA, with a focus on cases and bags for stationery. It was founded by Brad Dowdy, of Pen Addict fame, and seamster Jeffrey Bruckwicki. As relayed on their history page, the duo met for the first time on August 4, 2013, and their business was born two weeks later, on August 18[1].

On September 30 of that year, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to help fund the launching of their original product line of six types of cases. On October 30, the campaign was successfully funded at $78,662 -- well over their goal of $5,000 -- between 2,066 backers [2].

On June 25, 2014 the company opened their online shop to the public, with a new case style (The Fodderstack), as well as their first paper products: an A4- and note card-sized DotDash paper[3].

Nock Co.'s case products have thus far been named after geography specific to Georgia, USA, ranging from lakes to mountains, with one exception: the Karas Kustoms collaboration was named after the Superstition Mountains in Arizona.


Dowdy and Bruckwicki as founders and creators have very high standards of their own products, and are proud of their American-made aspect. When production of the cases grew to a scale that necessitated a third-party, the duo had a high bar, and kept producing their own cases until an undisclosed, American-based factory fit their standards.

When designing products, Bruckwicki will often take an idea he and Dowdy had talked about, and sit down with some chalk and fabric to rough out designs. As mentioned in their blog, Bruckwicki presented Dowdy an array of prototypes only two weeks after the pair had sat down to discuss product ideas in August 2013[4].

Bruckwicki's experience as a seamster and eye for design has allowed the company to quickly iterate through prototypes, playtest and use them, and tweak until a satisfactory design is finalized.

As part of the initial launch of the company, Nock Co. released six cases on its Kickstarter campaign: The Brasstown, Chimneytop, Hightower, Lookout, Maryapple, and Sassafras cases. Backers-only incentives included exclusive colorways.

In June 2014, Nock Co. launched their online store, and expanded their product line to include a seventh case, and DotDash paper in two sizes (A4 and notecard).

Following are the product lines that Nock Co. has released over their history, alphabetically. The list groups size variants under the one product line (such as Fodderstack versus Fodderstack XL), and also includes items that have since been discontinued or put on a temporary hiatus since their initial release. Special edition products of already-established product lines are listed in 'Limited Releases' below.


  • The Chimneytop - A pop-up, zippered case for carrying pens and pencils.
  • The Fodderstack - A two-in-one sleeve case designed to carry a pen and accompanying paper product. Produced in various sizes.
  • The Hightower - A three + one bi-fold case: 3 pens and one pocket-sized notebook.
  • The Lanier - A slim briefcase for paper goods, electronics, and pens. An A5-sized pouch insert is included.
  • The Lookout - A 3-pen holster case with flap to keep the pens protected.
  • The Maryapple - A two-memobook bi-fold case, and was one of the original six designed offered in the Kickstarter.
  • The Oconee - A bi-fold, slim profile wallet, released as a 'Blue Label' product.
  • The Sassafras - A 5-pen bi-fold case with flaps to protect each pen. It was one of the six initial designs for the Kickstarter.
  • The Sinclair - A zippered case with slots for 3 pens and a memobook.
  • The Tallulah - A zippered case with 2 slots for pens and a slip for notecards.

Paper Products[edit]

#200 Pen Addict Notebooks[edit]

This side-stapled pocket notebook was released as a limited edition to the Atlanta Pen Show 2016 Kickstarter. The run was limited to 1000 3-packs of orange (Pantone 7510) dotdash notebook, with Pen Addict embossed logo.

A5 Nock Co Notebooks[edit]

This side-stapled notebook was initially released as a limited edition, stretch goal for the Lanier Kickstarter campaign. The run was limited to 1000 3-packs of Kraft/Brown colorway cover dotdash notebooks, with Nock Co. embossed logo.[5]

DotDash Notecards[edit]

DotDash Notecards are available in 3 sizes, Petite(2"x3.5"), Standard(3"x5"), and Gigante(3.5"x5.5" folded).


DotDash Spiral Pad[edit]

DotDash Pocket Notebooks[edit]

Nikko DotDash Pocket Notebooks[edit]


Fishing Vest Pins[edit]

Idea Dock[edit]

A collaboration with Mike Dudek of Dudek Modern Goods, the Idea Dock was first released in 2014 as a combination note card holder and pen rest. It also featured a thin cut out along the top front where a single note card could be displayed.

At the 2017 Atlanta Pen Show, version 2 of the Idea Dock was released featuring significant design changes. Instead of the single horizontal pen rest, there were now five vertical pen slots. Additionally, the note card storage area was moved from the side to the top. It retained the single note card display strip.

Pelican Clip[edit]

Pocket T[edit]

Render K Variant[edit]


Zipper pulls[edit]

Limited Releases[edit]

Nock Co. has released special editions of their products, for celebrations, Kickstarter incentives, and just to test out a new product line. Due to their industriousness, the list has been expanded to its own page Nock Co. Limited Releases.

Product Overview[edit]

 Product nameFirst releasedDiscontinuedMade inLimited run
The ChimneytopThe Chimneytop2013May 2016USA
The MaryappleThe Maryapple2013March 2015USA
The SassafrasThe Sassafras2013March 2016USA
The BrasstownThe Brasstown2014USA
The HightowerThe HightowerJune 2014USAPeacock Blue Hightower
'Union Jack' Hightower
Small Batch 2015
The LookoutThe LookoutJune 2014USALime Green Lookout
The FodderstackThe FodderstackJune 2014USA'Smango' Fodderstack
'Snowjay' Fodderstack
Leather Fodderstack XL
Fodderstack Mini
The SinclairThe SinclairNovember 2015USASuperstition pen case
Tacticool Sinclair
Microwax Sinclair
The CumberlandThe Cumberland2016USAThe Cumberland (2016)
The Sapelo (2017)
The OconeeThe OconeeJuly 2016December 2016USA
The LanierThe LanierJune 2017USA
The TallulahThe Tallulah2018USA

References and Notes[edit]