The Tallulah

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The Tallulah
Manufacturer: Nock Co.
First released: 2018
Discontinued: Still available
Made in : USA
Limited Edition: Not a limited product

A zippered 2-pen and notecard, paper goods case designed and distributed by Nock Co. This product was announced as part of The Pen Addict Live 2018 Kickstarter campaign in February 2018[1]. The zippered design allows for this case to be carried on its own, or within another bag with little fear of misplacing pens. The slots can hold 2 fountain pens, or more if slimmer items, such as pencils.

This product was named after a river gorge in northern Georgia, USA[2].

Limited Runs[edit]

  • Kickstarter 2018 Limited Edition - The first colorway shown was an exclusive combination only for the Kickstarter: A brown clay exterior with a sunshine yellow interior. The case also had a unique NockCo. tag with "PA18" and yellow pinstriping.

References and Notes[edit]