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The Nib Section (Podcast)
Episode: 33
Title: Holiday Gift Guide 2018; Pen Classics NZ
Release Date: November 23, 2018
Hosts: Chucks Montano

Diana Dai Sharyn Zha

Guests: No guests this episode
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Official page: Episode 3 webpage [1]
Audio File: Episode 3 audiolink [2]
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We bring you a mammoth gift guide episode for fountain pen lovers, concocted with the assistance of multiple bottles of sparkling wine and slabs of Haigh’s chocolate - plus a bonus interview with the owner of Pen Classics NZ, René Versteegh.

02:31—What We Are Writing With

Brian: Pilot Deluxe Striped Rolled Gold M

Melissa: Omas Arte Italiana Vision Liquid Blue w/ Caran d’Ache Magnetic Blue

Sharyn: Nakaya Desk Pen Kuro-tamenuri SF w/ Montblanc Encre du Desert

Chuck: Aurora Optima 365 Azzurra CEF w/ Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku and Pelikan K320 Orange BP

Diana: Aurora Dante’s Inferno CEF w/ Sailor Ink Studio 743 and Aurora Sun Moon Lake CF w/ Sailor Ink Studio 841

16:44—News & Feedback

Melbourne Pen Show 2018

Daryl Lim (Musubi)

Episode 31 - Fountain Pen Paper

Nicholas Gold (Quillidyllic)

Episode 32 - Build Your Own Chimera

Armando Simoni Club

Newton Pens Arco Green Prospector

Newton Pens Arco Brown Shinobi

32:12—Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Gifts to lure people to the dark side

Pilot Petite - Tokyo Pen Shop Pilot Kakuno - JetPens Pilot Prera - JetPens Kaweco Liliput Fireblue - Milligram Hobonichi Techo Planner + Caran d’Ache 849 Fountain Pen - Bookbinders Design Gift for the fountain pen user who has everything

Ashton Pen Cases and Ashford x Nagasawa 48 Pen Case - Nagasawa Wonder Pens x Superior Labor Pen Roll and Taccia Kimono Pen Wrap Nagasawa Pen Sheath in kip leather and a LE ink - Nagasawa Handmade pen rest Pilot Kakuno with Maki-e Converter - Gift for someone whose collection comprises Japanese LEs but you still want to get them something

Fountain Pens of Japan, Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami - Amazon Nakaya Collection Box and Toyooka Craft x Kingdom Note Fountain Pen Box Sailor Pro-Gear Slim Kohaku Yellow and Sailor Profit 1911S Northern Painting Encyclopedia Series Ezokohaku - Pensachi Gift for the little ones

Pilot Petite Sailor LeCoule and Sailor Junior Profit Pelikan Twist - LarryPost Pilot Parallel - LarryPost Stocking stuffer

Midori MD Paper Pad - Bookbinders Online Jinhao 993 Shark Fountain Pen Custom writing set with embossed logo Blotting paper - Eckersley Pencil board - JetPens Episode 8 - Holiday Gift Guide 2017

1:05:15—Interview: René Versteegh of Pen Classics NZ

Pen Classics NZ (@penclassics)

TWSBI Eco Clear - Pen Classics NZ

Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue - Pen Classics NZ

Organics Studio Walden Pond Green - Pen Classics NZ

Organics Studio Santiago Sea Blue - Pen Classics NZ

Sailor Pens - Pen Classics NZ

Sailor 100 Color Ink Studio - Aesthetic Bay

Sailor Shikiori - LarryPost

TWSBI Eco Transparent Green - Pen Classics NZ

TWSBI Eco Transparent Blossom Red - Pen Classics NZ

Dingbats Notebooks

Pilot Iroshizuku 15ml - Pen Classics NZ

Pilot Metropolitan / Pilot MR3 Light Green - Pen Classics NZ

Nock Co. Pen Cases - Pen Classics NZ

CursiveLogic Workbook Classic - Pen Classics NZ

Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Dotted Bullet Journal Black - Pen Classics NZ

Midori Mini D-Clip (Shiba) - Bookbinder Design

Glowjob NZ

TWSBI Precision - Pen Classics NZ

The Paper Rain Project


Words, Work & Women, by Chux

Every Day Original

Haigh’s Chocolates

House of Arras Grand Vintage

Support the NSW Rural Fire Service

St Peters Indoor Climbing Gym

1:44:22—Thanks and Credits

Producer: Chuck Montano, Sharyn Zha and Diana Dai.

Recording and editing: Sharyn Zha and Diana Dai.

Special thanks to René Versteegh.

Music: Michael Pearce.

Logo: Will H. Smith.

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

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