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The Nib Section (Podcast)
Episode: 32
Title: Build Your Own Chimera
Release Date: November 9, 2018
Hosts: Chucks Montano

Diana Dai Sharyn Zha

Guests: No guests this episode
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Official page: Episode 3 webpage [1]
Audio File: Episode 3 audiolink [2]
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Our hosts have a lively discussion on the topic of chimeras - pens built out of parts that didn’t originally go together. Are chimeras an abomination? Or is a little “frankensteining” sometimes a necessity? What about when it’s done for fun or self-expression? And if we could each build our own dream pen, what would it be?

Chucks Montano's Episode Intro[edit]

Links & Show Notes[edit]

00:50—What We Are Writing With Chuck: Pilot Petit Apricot

Sharyn: Sailor Mozart Morita NMF 21kt

Max: OMAS 360 Black M

Diana: Parker Jotter BP


Melbourne Pen Show 2018


Japanese “shiro” nibs

Vintage Pen Shop (Jesi Raine)

Episode 15: Costa Koutsis

Episode 30: Anabelle Hiller

Ranga Ebonite pens with vintage nibs - Peyton Street Pens

Harlequin Pen For Men

Leigh Reyes' frankensnorkel

Ralph Reyes (@reachingralph)

Flexible Nib Factory

Episode 13: Ralph Reyes

35:14—What are our dream frankenpens?

Pilot Custom Urushi - The Goulet Pen Co

Pilot Custom 743 - Pensachi

Pilot Custom 845 - Tokyo Pen Shop

Sheaffer Snorkel - The Pen Addict

Montblanc Heritage 1912


Culture Potato 文化土豆

Coopers DIY Beer Brew Kit


Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

51:24—Thanks and Credits

Producer: Chuck Montano, Max Schumacher and Diana Dai.

Recording and editing: Diana Dai.

Music: Michael Pearce.

Logo: Will H. Smith.

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

References and Notes[edit]