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The Nib Section (Podcast)
Episode: 13
Title: Try To Break This Pen…For Science
Release Date: February 14, 2018
Hosts: Diana Dai

Taveet Sinanian

Guests: Ralph Reyes
Additional Information
Official page: Episode 13
Audio File: Audio Episode 13
Length: 9090 min <br />1.5 h <br /> minutes
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Diana talks with Tav and special guest, Ralph from BYOB Pen Club, about nib grinding and modifications, how they each got into nib work, and what it takes to be worthy of the title “nibmeister”. They also discuss fountain pen customisation and DIY in general. [1]

Show Notes & Links[edit]

01:45—What We Are Writing With

Ralph: Red Dragon Pen Co Prototype w/ Richard Binder 2° Left Oblique Professional Italic grind Tav: Lotus Shikhar B and Lotus “Duofold” B Diana: ST Dupont Olympio Vertigo XL Stub Visit our Facebook or Instagram for photos of What We Are Writing With.


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07:25—Japanese pen companies and the US market redux

16:10—Interview: Ralph Reyes

Ralph’s IG: @reachingralph BYOB Pen Club Kingdom Note Regalia Writing Lab Trilogy Nib Sailor Nagahara King Eagle Leigh Reyes Sailor “Shiro” steel nibs InCoWriMo Regalia Writing Lab Steel Flex Nib Jowo steel nib units Sailor Specialty Nibs including Nagahara King Eagle Concord Noodler's Fountain Pens Fountain Pen Revolution Jinhao x750 w/ Zebra G nib Philadelphia Pen Show Desiderata Pen Company Sailor Nagahara King Cobra The “Leviathan” prototype Gourmet Pens SBREBrown @penproclivities (John Lim) Sailor Nagahara Cross Concord Emperor Mike Masuyama Richard Binder John Mottishaw

1:04:07—Customisation, Modification, and DIY

Nakaya Carolina Pen Company Scriptorium Pens Newton Pens Edison Pen Co Ranga Pens Romillo Pens Bokumundoh Grinding Your Own Nibs - Ludwig Tan Sydney Pen Show


The Lettering Tribe Calligraphy Kit Colorverse The Left Hand of Darkness The Dispossessed

1:29:24—Thanks and Credits

References and Notes[edit]

  1. Description taken from the official Nib Section Podcast page