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Collection: Tornado
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Release date: 2018-01-19
Status: current model
Refill Type: Rollerball
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REF5 series



Retro 51 Speakeasy Poster

Just a week after launching and selling out the Mission To Mars, Retro 51 released a trio of pens in the new Speakeasy series. The looks are very different with the wine, beer, and absinthe designs.

Launch Copy[edit]

Get into the creative spirit with the Tornado Speakeasy collection from Retro 51. Each retractable rollerball pen is designed after popular drink bottles and their accompanying labels. Choose from refreshing Beer pilsner, a smooth Red Wine, or the potent Absinthe "la fée verte" (the green fairy). The Beer Tornado has a sculpted twist bottle cap top and full bodied yellow lacquer finish complete with printed cheers label. Red Wine has a robust red barrel with printed label that’s been topped with an actual cork. Finally, Absinthe, the spirit of choice for artists and writers in the early 20th century has a bright green demon printed on the barrel that is completed with antique silver accents. Always remember to write responsibly!

These are NOT limited nor numbered editions!

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