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Some shaker pencils. Left to right: a Pilot Delful The Shaker, a Pilot Dr. Grip Equilibrium, two Pentel Jolt (0.5mm and 0.7mm), a BIC AI, and an economy unbranded model

With a shaker mechanical pencil it is possible to advance the lead with a rapid shake of the pencil, in addition to the classic push button mechanism; this solution makes it easier to quickly extend the lead without changing the finger grip. Inside the body of the pencil there is a sliding weight (usually in the form of a metal coil) that activates the mechanism to advance the lead at every shake. In some models there is also a feature which prevents the shaker mechanism to dispense the lead when the pencil is in a lock position.

Shaker pencil models[edit]

Brand Model name Additional Features
Pilot The Shaker H-1010
Pilot 2020 (in many variations)
Pilot Dr. Grip (in many variations) Ergonomic double-layer rubber grip
Pilot Delful The Shaker Double-knock mechanism; shake advancement lock when the tip is retracted
Pilot Opt Spring loaded clip; available in body patterns which mimic particular materials
Pilot Fure Fure Reduced shaker noise
Pilot Mogulair Pressure-absorption mechanism to prevent lead breakage
Pilot Shaker-X
Pentel Jolt
Uni Alpha Gel Shaka Shaka Soft and squishy gel grip; shake advancement lock mechanism (deep push top button)
Tombow Mono Graph Twist-extendable eraser; shake advancement lock mechanism (push clip)
BIC AI Auto-advance mechanism; shake advancement lock when the lead sleeve is retracted
Zebra Tect 2Way Shake advancement lock mechanism (twist body ring)
Zebra Z-Grip Plus Twist-extendable eraser
Zebra Fullst Twist-extendable eraser
Zebra Frisha Auto-advance mechanism
Muji Lower Gravity Shaker Mechanical Pencil
Serve Shake-it Twist-extendable eraser