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The Pentel Sharp Kerry is a mechanical pencil that also features a cap and the ability to post, much like most fountain pens and some rollerball and ballpoint pens. When posted, the tip of the cap of the Sharp Kerry can be removed to reveal a refillable eraser beneath (Pentel Z2-1N eraser refill).

0.5 mm Pentel Sharp Kerry in red and in blue

When unposted, the tip in the same place can be removed for access to the interior lead tube of the pencil.

The Sharp Kerry is available in a wide range of colors in lead size 0.5mm, while only in black or dark blue for the 0.7mm version. The model base numbers are P1035 for 0.5mm and P1037 for 0.7mm.

For the following table of Pentel's Model Number codes, a single letter may instead be preceded by a dash ("-") and followed by a "D" but refer to the same color. A color code that ends in "KS" tends to be a limited or special edition colorway. KS is indeed a special edition commissioned by the Kitera Shouji stationery company, hence the "KS".

Code Color Notes
A Black Also available in 0.7mm with golden printing
B Red
C Blue Also available in 0.7mm, dark blue body with golden printing
P Pink/Rose
E Brown
KD Olive Green
KD2 Khaki
ND Grey
SD Sky Blue
ZD Silver
FD Orange
XD Gold
XD2 Bronze
PKS Bright Pink
VKS Purple
AXKS Black with Gold accents
038W Craft Design Technology (CDT) White

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