Lothar Washington Faber

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Lothar Washington Faber
Born: September 27 1861 in New York
Died: May 12 1943
Company: Eberhard Faber

Lothar Washington Faber was born on September 27 1861 and died on May 12 1943.

"He became a partner in 1894, and when the business was incorporated in 1898 he became president of the firm, a position which he held until his death. As head of the manufacturing end of the firm he proved himself to be a progressive manufacturer, constantly improving his line of products with the addition of fountain pens, mechanical pencils, refill leads, and other articles. He invented the clam tip type of pencil with a removable, adjustable eraser." (Biographical Dictionary of American Business Leaders, Volume 1 (Greenwood Publishing Group), pg. 357)