Los Angeles International Pen Show 2020

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Los Angeles International Pen Show 2020
Start Date: February 6 2020
End Date: February 9 2020
Location: 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, CA, 90503, USA
Web Site: http://www.lainternationalpenshow.com/
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The Los Angeles International Pen Show, started in 1989, is the premier West Coast pen show. It brings together pen dealers, collectors, and writing aficionados from around the globe.[1]

​The 2020 Los Angeles International Pen Show will be held in a beautiful new location February 6-9, 2020 at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach in Torrance, California.


There are three types of admission: Exhibitor, Trader, and General. The show is Thursday - Sunday. Sunday is the "public" day and is the only day that General Admission pass holders are allowed entry. Trader passes gain entry on all days and allow for 1/2 table usage (first come, first served) Thurs - Sat. Exhibitor passes have the same privileges as Trader passes, and also provide a reserved table on Sunday. An additional Sunday table can also be purchased with an Exhibitor pass.


2020 Show Schedule

* Thursday, Feb 6: 2pm - 11pm Trader Tables - Grand Ballroom
* Friday, Feb 7: 7am - 11pm Trader Tables - Grand Ballroom
* Saturday, Feb 8: TBA Seminars - Pier 2 & 4, 7am - 8pm Trader Tables - Grand Ballroom
* Sunday, Feb 9: 7am - 10am - Show Setup & Trader Admission - Grand Ballroom, 10am - 5pm: 32nd Annual Pen Show & Sale - Grand Ballroom

Note: While the schedule shows end times of 11pm and 8pm on Thur - Sat, the grand ballroom is typically cleared out around 6pm or 7pm in past years. With the new show venue, it's unknown if that practice will continue.

References and Notes[edit]

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