Los Angeles International Pen Show 2020

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Los Angeles International Pen Show 2020
Start Date: February 6 2020
End Date: February 9 2020
Location: 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, CA, 90503, USA
Web Site: http://www.lainternationalpenshow.com/
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Series Title: Los Angeles International Pen Show

United States Pen Show Circuit


The Los Angeles International Pen Show, started in 1989, is the premier West Coast pen show. It brings together pen dealers, collectors, and writing aficionados from around the globe.[1]

​The 2020 Los Angeles International Pen Show will be held in a beautiful new location February 6-9, 2020 at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach in Torrance, California.


There are three types of admission: Exhibitor, Trader, and General. The show is Thursday - Sunday. Sunday is the "public" day and is the only day that General Admission pass holders are allowed entry. Trader passes gain entry on all days and allow for 1/2 table usage (first come, first served) Thurs - Sat. Exhibitor passes have the same privileges as Trader passes, and also provide a reserved table on Sunday. An additional Sunday table can also be purchased with an Exhibitor pass.


2020 Show Schedule

* Thursday, Feb 6: 2pm - 11pm Trader Tables - Grand Ballroom
* Friday, Feb 7: 7am - 11pm Trader Tables - Grand Ballroom
* Saturday, Feb 8: TBA Seminars - Pier 2 & 4, 7am - 8pm Trader Tables - Grand Ballroom
* Sunday, Feb 9: 7am - 10am - Show Setup & Trader Admission - Grand Ballroom, 10am - 5pm: 32nd Annual Pen Show & Sale - Grand Ballroom

Note: While the schedule shows end times of 11pm and 8pm on Thur - Sat, the grand ballroom is typically cleared out around 6pm or 7pm in past years. With the new show venue, it's unknown if that practice will continue.

References and Notes[edit]

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