United States Pen Show Circuit

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The United States Pen Show Circuit is a series of pen shows throughout the continental United States. Due to the regularity of when specific pen shows are held, there is at least one show a month from January to November, with an opening in December (presumably due to holidays).

Chronology of Pen Shows[edit]

The following is a list of pen shows in the United States, and the time they are often held. Dates currently reflect 2020 year.

Show Name Rough Timeframe 2020 Dates
Philadelphia Pen Show mid-January January 17-19
Los Angeles International Pen Show early-February February 6-9
Baltimore-Washington International Pen Show late-February/early-March February 28-March 1
Long Island Pen Show early/mid-March March 7-8
Arkansas Pen Show mid-March March 13-15
Atlanta Pen Show early-April Cancelled
Chicago Pen Show late-April/early-May September 10-13
Triangle Pen Show late-May/early-June August 8-13
St. Louis Pen Show late-June Cancelled
Miami Pen Show mid-July Cancelled
Washington D.C. Collectible Fountain Pen Supershow early-August Cancelled
San Francisco Pen Show late-August August 28-30
Commonwealth Pen Show mid-September September 13
Dallas Pen Show late-September September 25-26
Colorado Pen Show mid-October October 9-11
Ohio Pen Show late-October/early-November Oct.29-Nov.1
Detroit Pen Show mid-October Nov. 13-15