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The American company Karas Kustoms has had a wide variety of products since their start in 2011, and they occasionally create limited release products.

These have been as small batches, limited edition, and exclusive products in various colorways and small batch materials. Sometimes these can be prototypes of upcoming colorways and styles.

Chronological List[edit]

  • Superstition EDK Pen - A collaboration with Nock Co. in late 2015 released a 120-run, limited edition colorway of the EDK, alongside a special colorway of the Sinclair case. The EDK pens had a red aluminum body with copper grip section. Also included in the offering was a Karas Kustoms memobook[1].
  • Serge Panchenko Collaboration - Karas Kustoms teamed up with knife maker Serge Panchenko, who used a unique antiquing process to weather the metal barrels. The pen models used in this extremely limited run included The INK and The Bolt[2].
  • Prospector Edition EDK Pen - A custom colorway of the EDK was released as a paired product with Cranky Hanky, another Arizona company. The EDK has a blue upper barrel and tumbled brass for the grip section.[3]
  • Braves Rifles INK Edition
  • 2016 Anniversary Edition
  • HixDesign Collaboration
  • Knox Edition Pens

References and Notes[edit]

References and Notes[edit]