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Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian manufacturer of pencils, writing materials and other stationery items, established in 1958.[1] It is the largest pencil manufacturer in India,[2] making pencils, erasers and writing implements under the brands Nataraj and Apsara. The Nataraj 621 HB wood-cased pencil with a distinct red-and-black stripe design is the most well-known product of Hindustan Pencils in India.


Hindustan Pencils was established in 1958 in Mumbai, India.

Market Share[edit]

The Nataraj and Apsara brands from Hindustan Pencils have a market share of about 60 to 65 per cent of India's market of branded stationery. The company claims to produce 8 million pencils, 1.5 million sharpeners, 2.5 million erasers, 0.2 million rulers and 1 million pens every day.[4]


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