Dallas Pen Show 2017

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Dallas Pen Show 2017
Start Date: September 8 2017
End Date: September 9 2017
Location: Doubletree Dallas Galleria, 4099 Valley View Lane, Dallas, TX, 75244
Web Site: http://www.dallaspenshow.com/wp/
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Series Title: Dallas Pen Show

United States Pen Show Circuit


A pen show is a kaleidoscope of experiences. It’s like walking through a museum with fascinating art from diverse eras of the past. It’s like going to a library and finding books you never knew existed on subjects of surprising interest. It’s like visiting a zoo and being amazed at the color, size, culture and variety of the animals from some unfamiliar part of the world.

Many persons today are under the impression that fountain pens are a thing of the past and are quite shocked to see the displays of modern pens for sale…not just ballpoints and rollerballs, but fountain pens as well and mechanical pencils that match them. Far from being a thing of the past, numerous companies are producing beautiful quality fountain pens today, in a dizzying array of colors and styles. And there are vintage pens in great numbers still around from the past 100 years.[1]


References and Notes[edit]

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