Coloured Pencil Leads

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Coloured leads (also colored leads) are available in a variety of colours (obviously) and sizes (for both mechanical pencils and lead holders). Differently from classic "black" graphite leads, coloured leads are not made of graphite: they are made of particular pigmented compounds that make these leads more fragile (especially in the thinner sizes), softer (usually they wear down faster) and in some cases less erasable than the graphite ones.

Coloured pencil lead models[edit]

Brand Model name Available Sizes Available Colours Additional Informations
Faber-Castell TK-Color 0.5mm Red; Green; Blue
Paper Mate Color Lead 0.7mm Pink; Red; Orange; Green; Blue; Purple
Autopoint Short Lead 1-3/8" (B) Soft 0.5mm
Red; Green; Blue
Red; Green; Blue
Red; Green; Blue
Red; Green; Blue
Kokuyo Campus Color Leads 1.3mm Red
Pilot Color Eno 0.7mm Blue; Green; Soft Blue; Orange; Pink; Violet; Red; Yellow Color may fade when exposed to light
Pilot Color Eno Neox 0.7mm Blue; Green; Soft Blue; Orange; Pink; Violet; Red; Yellow
Uni -ish 0.7mm Violet, Rose Pink; Red; Orange; Green; Mint Blue
Uni Nano Dia Color 0.5mm
Red; Blue; Pink; Orange; Mint Blue; Green; Lavender
Red; Blue
Pentel Color Lead 0.5mm
Red; Blue
Red; Blue
Pentel Ain 0.5mm Red; Blue
Pentel Ain Stein Color 0.5mm Red; Blue
Pentel Multi8 2.0mm Black; Red; Blue; Green; Brown; Orange; Yellow; Peach (Pale Orange); Light Green (Yellow Green); Pink; Light Blue (Sky Blue); Purple; Pink (Diazo Non Copy); Light Blue (PPC Non Copy); Fluorescent Yellow; Fluorescent Pink For the Multi8 lead holder
Staedtler Mars Micro Color 0.5mm Red; Green; Blue
Staedtler Mars Lumochrom 2.0mm Red; Blue; light yellow; carmine red (dark); orange; green
Kaweco Coloured Lead 2.0mm
Red; Blue
Red; Green; Blue
Red; Green; Blue
Kaweco Highlighter Lead 5.6mm Fluorescent Green; Fluorescent Orange; Fluorescent Yellow
e+m All Purpose Leads 5.5mm Red; Blue; Green; Yellow
e+m Highlighter Leads 5.5mm Fluorescent Green; Fluorescent Pink; Fluorescent Yellow
Koh-I-Noor Technical Coloured Drawing Leads 2.0mm Yellow; Red; Blue; Green; Brown; Black
Koh-I-Noor Refill Leads for Plastic Pencils 3.2mm Yellow; Orange; White; Light Green; Dark Green; Light Blue; Dark Blue; Pink; Red; Bordeaux (Carmine); Brown; Black
Koh-I-Noor Polycolor 3.8mm 24 different colours Colored Pencil leads same as the lead used in the Koh-i-Noor Polycolor Pencils
Koh-I-Noor Mondeluz 3.8mm 24 different colours Watercolour (aquarelle) pastel leads
Koh-I-Noor Gioconda 5.6mm White Chalk; Russet Sepia; Light Brown Sepia; Dark Brown Sepia
Gold; Silver; Bronze; Metallic Green; Metallic Blue; Metallic Pink; Magic (multicolour)
Leads for artist's drawing
Worther Colour Lead 3.15mm Red; Blue; Green; Yellow; Orange; Pink; White
Zebra Zensations 2.0mm Black; Blue; Green; Light Green; Light Pink; Orange; Pink; Red; Yellow; Blush Pink; Bright Lilac; Brown; Dark Brown; Deep Fuchsia; Ice Blue; Light Peach; Peach; Ruby Red; Sap Green; Sky Blue; Steel Grey; Terracotta; White; Yellow Ochre Light