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Kaweco logo.jpg
Founded: 1883
Founder: Luce & Ensslen
Headquarters: Heidelberg, Germany
Key People: Michael Gutberlet
Sebastian Gutberlet
Products: Writing Instruments, ink
Website: http://www.kaweco-pen.com/en/

KaWeCo (Federhalter-Fabrik Koch, Weber & Co) is a manufacturer of writing instruments based in Heidelberg, Germany. The company was initially founded in 1883 as the Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik.

Business history[edit]

Following the First World War, the company began to produce its own gold nibs to reduce their dependence on imported American components. The economic crisis of 1928 put the firm in jeopardy, and it declared bankruptcy in 1929.

In 1929, the company was taken over by Badischen Füllfederfabrik Worringen und Grube. It became one of the first German manufacturers to employ injection molding. In the early 1930s, the firm began to produce piston filler fountain pens, and continued production a smaller scale throughout World War II.

The company ceased production in 1970, following the death of its director and decline under his widow and sons, but the name was resurrected in 1972, before again closing in 1981. In 1995 the firm h & m gutberlet GmbH acquired the rights to the Kaweco name, and Kaweco fountain pens are once again being produced.

Product range[edit]

CLASSIC Sport[edit]

The Classic Sport is a pocket-sized fountain pen that posts high to become a normal length. The Classic version is made of plastic with a steel nib, and has a large hexagonal cap. This pen in its various plastic forms are popular choices for use as eyedropper pens.

CLASSIC Sport fountain pen in green

It's based on the Kaweco Sport which was originally released in 1911.

The series offers classic and historical colors with a gold-plated nib, golden logo cap and golden logo embossing. The colors include white, red, bordeaux, british racing green, black, as well as two other models with historical patterns. [1]

SKYLINE Sport[edit]

The SKYLINE Sport is very similar to the CLASSIC Sport, but features silver trim instead of gold.

SKYLINE Sport 3.2mm pencil in mint

It is available in the following colours: Grey, Black, Mint, Macchiato, White, Pink

Limited edition colours are: Royal purple, Metallic violet, Naranja/Orangina, Yellow Lagoon blue (Hong Kong), Lagoon blue (Taiwan), Serenity blue, Amarilla, Soap Green, Rose Quartz

ICE Sport[edit]

The Ice version of the sport fountain pen is plastic with a translucent body.

ICE Sport gel roller in orange

AL Sport[edit]

The regular Al-sport edition was released in 2003, the design remaining mostly unchanged save for the release of new colors and finishes. It is made of aluminum, anodized for the colored versions.

AL Sport ballpoint pen in raw

Other versions of the AL-sport include Stonewashed (2014), Gold, Pink, Rose Gold (2016), Red, and Night (2017) Editions.

BRASS Sport[edit]

STEEL Sport[edit]

AC Sport[edit]










The Perkeo is a full-sized entry level pen. It is made from plastic and features a triangular grip section and steel nib.


GRIP for Apple Pencil[edit]


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References and Notes[edit]

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