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Brad Dowdy
Brad Dowdy, Belle of The Pen Show.
Company: Nock Co.
Location: Macon, Georgia
Social Media: Twitter - @dowdyism, Instagram - penaddict
Website: The Pen Addict, Nock Co.

Brad Dowdy (born August 21, 1971) is a Macon, Georgia based podcaster, blogger, and businessman. He is best known for having created and run The Pen Addict and Nock Co. He is also the host of Pen Addict Podcast with Myke Hurley[1]

Early life and education[edit]

It has been mentioned in his podcast that Brad Dowdy worked at a golf course in his early life.

Brad also worked for JetPens in the past, prior to having created Nock Co[2]


The Pen Addict Logo


In 2007, Dowdy founded and began writing for The Pen Addict which features weekly updates on stationery news and product reviews. He still manages the website and over time has brought additional writers on-board to write additional content.[3]

File:Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley.jpg
The Supreme Pen Addict with Myke Hurley


In 2010, Dowdy, alongside "seasoned expert podcast-world king" Myke Hurley, created the The Pen Addict Podcast which launched on the 70Decibels network. The podcast focuses on current pen and stationery related topics, with weekly follow-up segments.[4]

After a move from 70Decibels to 5by5 in 2013, it remained on the 5by5 Podcasting Network until 2014 when it joined the newly created Relay FM.

In May of 2015, The New York Times consulted with Brad Dowdy when discussing the Uni-ball Signo "UM-151", and asked him to offer his opinion on the pen.[5]

In April of 2017, WNYC named The Pen Addict podcast one of the most niche podcasts that they've observed.[6]

File:Brad Dowdy and Jeffrey Bruckwicki.jpg
Brad Dowdy and Jeffrey Bruckwicki before their interview with Mailchimp

Nock Co.[edit]

On September 30, 2013, Dowdy and business partner Jeffrey Bruckwicki launched a Kickstarter campaign with a $5000 goal to create a line of made-in-USA pen cases. After one month, they had raised $78,662 and began production on the initial batch of products to fulfill the Kickstarter campaign rewards. On May 26, 2014, Nock Co. moved into their production facility near Atlanta, Georgia and began the first production run shortly thereafter.[7]


Through many episodes of podcasts, Brad has received many special titles and nicknames from hosts, most of which were by Myke Hurley in the opening to The Pen Addict episodes.

  • "Founder and Podcaster for 'Pen Addict', Southern Gentleman, and Prince of Pens, Brad Dowdy." (Erasable 49)[8]

Twitch Channel[edit]

In 2018 Brad Dowdy started The Pen Addict Twitch Channel which he announced in The Pen Addict Podcast episode 312.

Guest on other Podcasts[edit]

Brad has also appeared as a guest in other podcasts. A sortable list is provided below.

 Podcast episode titlePodcast release date
Art Supply Posse 48The Brad Finale 🎉12 July 2017
Erasable 11Ain't Nothing but an HB Thing30 July 2014
Erasable 49You Can't Spell "Pencil" Without "Pen"1 April 2016
Fountain Pen Companion 6Special Episode 1 - The Pen Addict Interview21 September 2018
RSVP Stationery 17.75Hold My Beer! An Interview with Brad Dowdy of the Pen Addict16 December 2017
RSVP Stationery 19I Like a Good Widget3 January 2018

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