The Pen Addict 39

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The Pen Addict (Podcast)
Episode: 39
Title: We Are The Normal Ones
Release Date: January 24th, 2013
Hosts: Brad Dowdy

Myke Hurley

Guests: No guests this episode
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Official page: Episode 39
Audio File: Audio Episode 39
Length: 4646 min <br />0.767 h <br /> minutes
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In this episode Myke discusses an interesting pen he has carried for years that we refer to as the "MacGuyver of Pens" and I elaborate on my first successful Field Notes trade. This leads into our main discussion of our pen addiction and how the things we do and think about are very, very normal amongst other addicts like ourselves. [1]

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  1. Description taken from the official Pen Addict podcast page