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The Pen Addict (Podcast)
Episode: 294
Title: Not the Most Funded Anything
Release Date: February 7th, 2018
Hosts: Brad Dowdy

Myke Hurley

Guests: No guests this episode
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Length: 84
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All the Kickstarters that are fit to print! Including ours of course. The 2018 Pen Addict Podcast Kickstarter has launched, met its goal, and is well on its way to hitting the stretch goal. Tune in to hear all of the details! [1]

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Ask TPA[edit]

Brad: Tim the Valar wants to know.
Brad: Says I'm a long time found pen addict but I'm relatively new to the blog podcast an online community it's embarrassing question time Mike.
Brad: What's the deal with Retro 51. What do I need to know where to why start.
Myke: Tim did deal.
Myke: Is that the Retro 51 is straight up the best role on the planet there's no better they are the best it is.
Myke: Wonderful from the refill perspectives of the refill that they use the Schmidt refill is excellent many pens use it I think night many more pens use it now because Retro 51 kind of popularized it as a as a refill and is is made it kind of it just something that many pens get bill around now because it is a wonderful smooth refill that that really puts a great line down the page love the refill so much it's it's.
Brad: It is.
Myke: A pan in which I have always been surprised at the amount of time so I can hand it to somebody and they use it and basically every person goes.
Brad: Whoa.
Myke: No matter how much of a panic that they are on the like typically at some I give this to people who are friends or family members all of people I meet at pen shows and now I can't really get this like comment what do I even need a good pen like like try this because the writer fifty one is close enough in style and you know mostly to it and shape and size depends that people have seen and used before.
Myke: But it feels incredible to use and it's like stars like twenty five dollars so what you need to know Tim is there are tons of Retro 51 designs said it might be something in there that you like but if I was gonna tell you what to stop get one of them breaks a fifty one lacquer addition just plain call a lack of pens that they make.
Myke: And just just drop like the twenty twenty five dollars it costs to get yourself one and trust me you're going to love it they're fantastic absolutely fantastic I am such a fan of their products because they always incredible quality and that just won the forty years time that's my S. that's that's the deal.
Brad: So I agree with that across the board especially on the recommendation just get the [[Tornado Lacquer Series] pick a color you want and and go with that the reason.
Brad: It's such a popular thing for us to discuss aside from all those things that Mike laid out what you're exactly right is based solved a problem in a no man's land price point.
Brad: So there's no competition in that area for someone who wants to buy a air quote good pen right not something not like the Pilot G. to off the shelf for the unique box signal off the shelf at the office supply store they want something a little bit nicer.
Brad: And it's gonna write awesome in that category of pen.
Brad: Doesn't really exist.
Brad: Except for richer fifty one you know from anywhere from twenty to forty dollars you can get something that's really interesting.
Brad: And when you pick it up to write with it.
Brad: It's really different from any other pen you've used.
Myke: In in.
Brad: Day kind of solved.
Brad: The re fell question you know like they picked the perfect refill and.
Myke: That.
Brad: Made the things that they wrap around those refills shine.
Brad: And allow them to do like very normal stuff like lacquers addition or very custom stuff like some of the mission to Mars stuff yet very custom additions that they do is.
Myke: They could easily charge fifty percent more than they do and get away with it.
Myke: You know.
Brad: You're there.
Myke: Yeah.
Brad: So you know out in its not for everyone it's a liquid ink refill it's a little bit wider if you're used to using a very fine refill but the problems it solves in the greater pen landscape no one else can.
Myke: Know most models close with yet nobody's close no one's close.
Brad: So that's why they're so.
Brad: That's what we talk about them so much up and they're really high quality and do good job.
Myke: And the great people to.
Myke: And every last one.
Brad: Of.
Myke: Them.
Brad: Never yep yep.
Brad: So Junee from Alt. Haven wonderful blogger one of my favorites she messaged this AskTPA from it's a it's it's a dated one because we haven't talked about these for a couple weeks but this was an issue of refill I did a few weeks ago she says. Wow all.
Brad: You do have a lot of Edison and Franklin-Christoph pens have you done a full count of the number of inks pens and notebooks you half.
Brad: Hell no.
Brad: So Jeannie Judy every year Juni does here's what I spent on pen she does this budget they get the end of every year and I always say the US will ask you know am I going to do that I want to see yours and my answer is always held now not just no I don't wanna know there's no way I want to know the answer to these questions but even I Juni when I was pulling all these pens do the photos for that issue because like a lot of bands that are not one of them was currently in use on cycle that's bad yeah that was a lot that was a lot of pens so yeah what we'll see.
Brad: But there will never be and number count and certainly never a dollar count on any of this stuff no way no way no way.
Brad: All right.
Brad: I don't know if this one's Chalte nursing home I talked him all the time I said I I should ask you know what's your Twitter handle pronunciation says I've made peace with the fact that given my heavy hand up better off using a sturdy steel now but I still like a smooth running experience in your opinion who makes this movie the steel nabs alternatively who makes the most steel like gold names so it's kind of a hard question to ask because there's a lot of variance.
Brad: And I'm gonna give like a very specific answer.
Brad: That I don't even know if you can act on this answer but the best.
Brad: Smear the steel nibs.
Brad: Are the ones you get from Franklin-Christoph in my opinion because they work on all of them before they leave the shop in those are made by JoWo so Edison does the same I find anything that uses any company that uses Yoko.
Brad: Steel nibs are.
Brad: The best smoothest.
Brad: Steel nibs for my everyday writing use their my favorite I use them constantly.
Brad: They're always smooth.
Brad: Right out the box when your arm from someone maker like you know are you over for our Franklin-Christoph I have great luck with his business I think your what makes them.
Myke: I'm not sure.
Brad: I can remember yellow box makes them I believe.
Brad: Those are really excellent right out the gate I never have problem with was being ABS so those are kind of my favorite stealing of the ones I don't like I don't like lobby still needs that much they're not my favorite Pelikan does a great steel extra fine nib but it's a little bit wider.
Brad: It's not as stiff as the JoWo and Bock nibs so you might want to stick with those but I really really enjoy.
Brad: On them.
Brad: Who makes the most steel like gold nips actually box golden observed recently really stiff arm as far as the other manufacturer goes probably sailor.
Brad: Makes a very firm.
Brad: Gold nip in my book arm.
Brad: That's probably kind of the best in that category you have anything to add to any of this.
Myke: No but I think this is a weird question.
Brad: It's all it's a it's a very I I don't think it's a weird question because this is like the category of near that I'd like to write with myself so I think it's a good question but it's a super particular question what I have to go a million different directions.
Myke: The reason I find it weird some wives if you're looking for the qualities of of steel why would you want gold maybe I don't understand.
Brad: Well because I'd like a farm near of I have a heavy hand I wanna firm did give me a sailor hard find it would be my choice right.
Brad: So that's a gold nearby get the smoothness of that gold in the kind of the feel it's a different feel than steel yet I get a farm nearby on top of that to FSU my writing style.
Myke: Okay.
Brad: As I feel it's very eyes on the specific specific.
Myke: I don't I haven't internalized I think a lot of the differences between Golden steel like.
Myke: Honestly I just go with what one feels nice and and that differs from pen dependent dipped in it for me adults were to get a like I have internalized the differences between the two of them to the point that I would you know what I was getting if I was choosing a lot of the time I go for gold because I think it might be fancier.
Brad: And you are facing.
Myke: And fancy pants so.
Brad: All right so Laurie from the desk a lorry just picked up a show designed pen and though I tried to love it I just don't like the Fisher space refill just can't do the ball point she says and that's total about so she picked up the D. one adapter what's your recommendation for a great preferably gel or roller ball D. one refill.
Myke: The best.
Brad: D. one.
Brad: Gel refill is the zebra I wanna say it's this it's not called this arrest a but it's like the.
Brad: SR one I'll get the exact link for the show notes but the only gel D. one refill that's any good.
Brad: The problem with it is it's very expensive and it does not last a long time.
Brad: So that's the properties of gel when you put jelly get miss such a tiny tiny refill you're gonna blow through it and.
Myke: That a chance to be jail refill.
Myke: Sam rights point.
Brad: Point five millimeter point four millimetre even that they come in and they come in several colors like eight different colors it's kind of your only option it's very very good it's very expensive and you probably want at least two of them because you're gonna run one out at an untimely in an untimely fashion and you're you're gonna be caught without a refill so that's the only drawback to that refill but no one's made one better yet.
Brad: If you want to try I know you said no ball point.
Brad: The unibomber jet stream.
Brad: It's a ball point but it's better than any Fisher space pen refill will ever be you can maybe try that it's a little bit more consistent smoother.
Brad: Nicer line so there's my two D. one refill choices are the super jail in the jet stream that's that's what I always use.
Brad: All right last one from outer nerd.
Brad: Just started using a converter with my lami studio it seems to write wetter than when I use a pre filled cartridge is my imagination playing tricks on me.
Brad: So the answer is we don't have enough information.
Brad: We don't you didn't say whether you use in the same in Coronado.
Brad: It's probably the ink.
Brad: I don't really see much flow difference from a cartridge versus a converter I guess theoretically you could see that.
Brad: You know it's wetter with a converter cartridge someone else might have the opposite experience. I think it's more probably the ink.
Brad: You know maybe has a little bit different formulation, different consistency to where you thinking it's writing wetter so it's probably a mind trick it's probably even more likely the ink.
Brad: I don't know that there's any real fix or anything you can do to change this.
Brad: If you think that you're using the same ink and you prefer one over the other you can.
Brad: Surrendering Philip cartridge if you want to be sure to get that same consistency but eventually that'll wear out so.
Brad: I look at the ink first and then the Carter dresses converse second would be.
Brad: My thoughts on that so.

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A transcript of this episode can be found at The Pen Addict 294/transcript.

  1. Description taken from the official Pen Addict podcast page