The Pen Addict 269

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The Pen Addict (Podcast)
Episode: 269
Title: We Sold Everything
Release Date: August 9th, 2017
Hosts: Brad Dowdy

Myke Hurley

Guests: No guests this episode
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Official page: Episode 269
Audio File: Audio Episode 269
Length: 49
49 min
0.817 h
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Another D.C. Pen Show is in the books, and we lived to tell the tale. After a rocky start, things came around as hoped. It was a success nearly all the way around. [1]

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Ask TPA[edit]

Start time: 27:33

  • What’s the purpose of the “fins” on the back or FPs and does it matter if they get bent or one breaks off?
  • I saw that the top 5 on the website hasn't been updated for about a year. Everyone pretty much a lock at this point?

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References and Notes[edit]

  1. Description taken from the official Pen Addict podcast page