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"Pen Addict Episode 0" is an in-joke from the The Pen Addict (Podcast) to refer to an episode of the podcast 'Enough' where Myke and Brad first 'met'. The show 'Enough' was hosted by Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley, and episode 104, Brad Dowdy guested to talk about pens, his interest in them, and background on The Pen Addict (Blog). The episode was published January 24th, 2012, whereas The Pen Addict 1 was published on February 9.

Just as any "official" Pen Addict episode, Brad professes his love for Hi-Tec-C refills, there is talk about Kickstarter pen projects, Field Notes use, note writing paper, and fountain pens are discussed.

Further Information[edit]

On April 16, 2018, Patrick Rhone posted on his website[1], "The Cramped" about his particular episode, and its history in the community.

Pens and stationery have also been the focus on 'Enough' on episodes 137, 216,and 221. (To be added in the future).

Although the podcast 'Enough' is defunct and the original archives lost to the internet, but Robert Wall has hosted the full run of archives himself[2]. There is also a separate repository through[3]

Original Episode Description[edit]

In this episode, we are joined by Brad Dowdy of The Pen Addict and JetPens to talk all things pen and paper. I have been a friend and fan of Brad for years so it was delightful to have him on. Warning: Things get seriously pen geeky here and pens and paper are the one area of my life where any semblance of Enough does not exist. In other words, you may want to hide your credit cards.

This episode is sponsored by Wet Frog Studios. The Enough Podcast logo was designed by them. If you need a custom logo or any other type of design work, look no further.[4]

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