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The Nib Section (Podcast)
Episode: 7
Title: QC Controversies: Nakaya, Visconti, TWSBI
Release Date: 24 Oct 2017
Hosts: Chux Montano Diana Dai Sharyn Zha
Guests: Aiden O'Brien Tav Sinasian Brian Saputro
Additional Information
Official page: Episode 7 webpage
Audio File: Episode 7 audiolink
Length: 5959 min <br />0.983 h <br /> minutes
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This Episode on The Nib Section, our panel travel down a darker path of fountain pen ownership: Quality Control. Hosts Chuck and Diana speak to a wide range of guests to discuss the relationship between creator and customer. Brian Saputro comes in to speak about the art of Japanese Laquer that has made manufacturer Nakaya so popular, coupled with Sharyn Zha, a well loved and respected member of the FPO, known for her various collections. After, the panel is joined by Aidan O’Brien, a FPO leader and collector of Visconti and TWSBI, ready to answer repeated claims that both Visconti and TWSBI are lacking in the QC department. Flanked on all sides with knowledge is returning guest Taveet, ready to explain all terms further.

Chux Montano's Episode Intro[edit]

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Producers: Diana Dai, Chuck Montano, Sharyn Zha, Patrick Antolovich, Denise Tang.

Recording and editing: Patrick Antolovich, Denise Tang.

Music: Michael Pearce. Logo: Will H. Smith. Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

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