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Lamy 2000 Complete Set.jpg
Lamy 2000
Also called: 2000
Manufacturer: Lamy
Pen Type: Fountain Pen



Mechanical Pencil

First released: 1966
Discontinued: Still available
Made in : Germany

The Lamy 2000 was designed by Gerd Alfred Müller and the fountain pen was released in 1966, followed by the ball point pen in 1968 and the mechanical pencil in 1970. It remains in production today. The 2000 was innovative in its day for its use of a special fiberglass resin produced by Bayer, Makrolon, for the body of the pen. The fountain pen version of the 2000 is the only Lamy fountain pen that is a piston fill pen, so thus only takes bottled ink. There is also a mechanical pencil, a ballpoint pen and a four-color ballpoint pen.

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