Shark Alley

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Shark Alley
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Collection: Tornado Popper
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Release date: 2017-03-07
Status: sold out as of 2017-04-19
Refill Type: Rollerball
Refill: Original:

REF5 (REF5P-B black or REF57P-B blue)


Parker style refill

From the Facebook post announcing the Shark Alley:

Great white sharks have terrified us for years! From JAWS release in the 70’s & 80’s to 29 years of Discovery’s Shark Week, we can’t get enough of these predatory fish. With this mystique in mind we created the latest Tornado Popper, Shark Alley. The barrel’s swimming with several acid-etched sharks, plated in a stonewashed pewter finish and complete with accent printing and gloss varnish. The matching pewter trim is numbered on the top ring, topped with a graphic finial and packaged in a matching tube. Only 758 are available, so get one before it costs you an arm and a leg.

Photo courtesy of Retro 51.