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Nakajima Jukyudo Co., Ltd.
Founded: 1933
Founder: Yukio Nakajima
Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
Key People:
Products: sharpeners
Website: http://www.njk-brand.co.jp

Nakajima Jukyudo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1933 , Osaka , Japan. Their official philosophy regarding product quality says 'light as peel apple, and it is sharp as Samurai sword'. Nakajima Jukyudo's blades are usually stamped with the initial NJK. [1]



“NAKAJIMA JUKYUDO” was founded in 1933. Founder Yukio Nakajima, opened a workshop in Osaka, manufacturing pen shaft and cigarette pipe.[1]


NJK started making pencil sharpeners, but due to a shortage of petrochemical materials during the World War II, the workshop ceased production. After the end of war, NJK resumed the production with a newly developed plastic injection molding machine.[1]


Led by Yoshinori Nakajima, president of the company, NJK developed the new machine for plastic manufacturing. This helped with the mass production of pencil sharpeners of high quality.[1]


NJK produces under their own name and as an OEM.


NJK developed sharpeners for eyebrow pencils, is popular in the cosmetic market.[1]


In 2009, Junya Nakajima became President and Representative Director of the company. The head office and factory consolidated in Matsubara City, Osaka.[1]


For NJK's 80th anniversary on June 1. In 2013, the company displayed at the exhibition “Maison & Objet 2013” in Paris. This led to NJK restarting their export business to Europe and the USA. [1]


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