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This list of pen clubs includes organized clubs, "meetup" groups and other types of geographically-focused pen- and stationery-related get-togethers world-wide.

Pen Clubs / meetups are distinct from Pen Shows. Where shows are primarily buying/selling events, clubs and meetups are focused on socializing, sharing and trying pens, paper and ink. Some clubs and meetup groups hold events coincident with pen shows (if they're fortunate enough to have one held locally), but most meet informally at coffee shops or restaurants.


The club lists below are sorted in descending order of the number of clubs in the region. When adding/removing clubs, please re-arrange lists as appropriate.

Pen Clubs in the United States[edit]

Club Name Location Status
GLAMPIG - The Greater Los Angeles Metro Pen & Ink Group Los Angeles, CA Active
Colorado Pen Posse Denver, CO Active
DC Metro Pen Crew Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia Metropolitan Area Active
Southeast Pen Collector's Club Atlanta, GA Active
Boston Pen People Boston, MA Active
GNYPIG - The Greater New York Pen & Ink Group Upstate New York Active
Porkopolis Penners Cincinnati,OH Active
Dallas Pen Club Dallas, TX Active
RVA Pen Crew Richmond, Virginia Active
The Greater Washington DC Pen Club Northern Virginia/Maryland Inactive

Pen Clubs in Europe[edit]

Club Name Location Status
London Pen Club London, UK Active
{Closed Facebook Group} Southern Pen Club Alternating between Fleet & Petersfield, UK Active
{Closed Facebook Group} Fountain Pens France Paris, France Active

Pen Clubs in Australia / Oceania[edit]

Pen Clubs in Asia[edit]

Pen Clubs in Africa[edit]

Other Pen Club Listings[edit]

Lists of pen clubs can be found at: