Jinhao x750

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Jinhao x750
Manufacturer: Jinhao
Nib options: medium #6 steel nib
Filling mechanism: standard international cartridge
Made in : China

The x750 is a full-sized fountain pen featuring a snap cap. It uses a cartridge or converter filling mechanism, and a medium #6 steel nib.

Dimensions: 141 mm14.1 cm
5.551 inches
capped, 126mm12.6 cm
4.961 inches
uncapped, barrel diameter 14 mm1.4 cm
0.551 inches

Weight: 36 g0.036 kg
1.27 ounces

Ink Capacity: 1.08 ml0.038 Imperialfluidounce

Jinhao X750 Frosted Black
Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands
Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands Nib