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Chakra Tornado

Model: VFP-1737
Collection: Tornado
Series: Yoga
Release date: 2017-11-03
Status: current model
Refill Type: Rollerball
Refill: Original:

REF5 series



On November 3, 2017, Retro 51 introduced a pair of new Tornado models with a yoga theme. They both have interesting designs. The more colorful of the two is the Chakra. The chakras represent the seven energy centers. All seven are represented in the design. A color is associated with each and you will find diagrams of seven poses in seven colors.

Launch Copy[edit]

Sometimes when life gets loud you need to step back and collect your thoughts. By removing yourself from the noise, you gain a fresh perspective that leads to better decisions. Whether you actually do yoga, practice mindfulness or write in a journal, these new Tornado ballpoint pens remind you to BREATHE and be in the moment. Choose from the Bamboo Hamsa or the colorful Chakra Tornado with glow in the dark barrel. Each comes packaged in a matching tube plus a donation is made to the Arbor Day Foundation to save 250 square feet of rainforest.

These are NOT limited or numbered editions.

Chakra Tornado Packaging
Chakra Tube
Chakra Design 1
Chakra Design 2
Chakra End