Bic Cristal

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Bic® Cristal®
Also called: Biro
Manufacturer: Bic
Pen Type: Ballpoint
First released: 1953
Discontinued: still sold
"still sold" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
Made in : Mexico

Bic® Cristal®

The Bic® Cristal® is an iconic pen. Most people in the US and Europe have used this Ballpoint pen at some point.

The inexpensive, disposable Bic® Cristal® (also simply Bic pen or Biro) is reportedly the most widely sold pen in the world.[1] It was the Bic company's first product and is still synonymous with the company name. The Bic Cristal is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, acknowledged for its industrial design. Its hexagonal barrel mimics that of a wooden pencil and is transparent, showing the ink level in the reservoir.

Bic® Cristal® Packaging
Bic® Cristal® Packaging
Bic® Cristal® Packaging
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