Bamboo Tornado

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Bamboo Tornado Natural.jpg

Model: VRR-1810-3
Collection: Tornado
Series: Deluxe
Release date: TBD
Status: Current model as of 2017-04-25
Refill Type: Rollerball
Refill: Original:

REF5 series



The endangered rainforests cover only two percent of the earth's surface but support nearly half the world's known living species. With each purchase of the Bamboo Tornado ball pen, Retro 51 will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation to rescue 250 square feet of rainforest and the habitat it protects.

The Bamboo Tornado is made from solid bamboo, a fast growing, renewable wood that is beautiful, strong and abundant. The twist ballpoint pen features the Tornado clip and trim in antiqued metal finish with a cuddly panda's head etched on the back. Special packaging contains information about the Arbor Day Foundation and the donation made on your behalf.

Photo courtesy of Retro 51.