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Ana Reinert
Company: Well-Appointed Desk, Hallmark
Social Media: Twitter - @wellapptdesk, Instagram - wellapptdesk
Website: Well-Appointed Desk

Early life and education[edit]


Ana has spent many years working in design and printing, including time at Hallmark.

She is also known for her creation of the Col-o-Ring and Col-o-Dex ink swab kits.


Ana launched The Well-Appointed Desk in 2010. The site features thousands of posts including pen, paper and ink reviews plus the weekly Link Love series. The blog features posts from Tina Koyama, Jessica Coles and Laura Cameron as well as Ana.


Ana Reinert was a co-host alongside Heather Rivard for the Art Supply Posse (Podcast) from its inception in May 2016 through December (episode 27). After Reinert's departure, Kathy Campbell took over co-host duties in 2017.

She recorded a special episode of Art Supply Posse (episode 49) during the show's relaunch with a new panel of hosts.

Guest on other Podcasts[edit]

Ana has also appeared as a guest in other podcasts. A sortable list is provided below.

 Podcast episode titlePodcast release date
The Pen Addict 109I Have Colors!4 June 2014
The Pen Addict 130Stop Spending My Money - Holiday Gift Guide 201424 November 2014
The Pen Addict 148Like an Internet Radio Show30 March 2015
The Pen Addict 150Live from the Atlanta Pen Show18 April 2015
The Pen Addict 182Spend Even More Than Usual - Holiday Gift Guide 201523 November 2015
The Pen Addict 197Secret Society of Enablers22 March 2016
The Pen Addict 200Episode 200, Live from the Atlanta Pen Show 201617 April 2016
The Pen Addict 216FIVE?!?!3 August 2016
The Pen Addict 231Myke Didn't Make It - Holiday Gift Guide 201616 November 2016
The Pen Addict 250The Cool Kids Room29 March 2017
The Pen Addict 253Live from the Atlanta Pen Show 201723 April 2017
The Pen Addict 284Weird and Wonderful Stuff - Holiday Gift Guide 201722 November 2017
The Pen Addict 292Don't Learn Safety By Accident24 January 2018
The Pen Addict 387Costs Me Money Every Time - Holiday Gift Guide 201927 November 2019
The Pen Addict 438I’ll Take a Kilt – Holiday Gift Guide 202025 November 2020
The Pen Addict 54The Chair Of The Desk14 May 2013
The Pen Addict 62Lefty Apologist8 July 2013
The Pen Addict 71Sharpening Rainbows14 September 2013

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