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* Pokemon
* Pokemon
* Doraemon
* Doraemon
* Snoopy
* Gradient (limited -two gradated pastel- body colours)
* Gradient (limited -two gradated pastel- body colours)
* Shiny (limited barrel prints)
[[Category:Mechanical Pencil]]
[[Category:Mechanical Pencil]]

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Two different DelGuard mechanical pencils. Standard model (top) and Type-ER (bottom)

DelGuard is a mechanical pencil line developed by Zebra.
DelGuard pencils feature a special patented mechanism which protect the lead from breakage caused by both vertical pressure and angled pressure.
The protection system consists on two independent actions:

  1. when excessive vertical pressure is applied, the first spring allows the lead to slide inside the sleeve
  2. when excessive angular pressure is applied, the second spring pushes the sleeve out to protect the lead.

The combination of these two actions makes the lead virtually unbreakable with some limitations:
lead may still break when using softer leads (such as coloured leads; 0.3mm leads in 2B, 3B or 4B; 0.5mm leads in 3B or 4B) or if the lead is extended for more than three clicks.
DelGuard Type-ER also features a "magic eraser": the eraser is automatically extended from the top whenever the pencil is turned upside down (and stays out during use), but gets back inside as soon as the pencil is flipped back to write.

Animation showing the vertical pressure protection mechanism of DelGuard pencils
Animation showing the angular pressure protection mechanism of DelGuard pencils

DelGuard pencil models

Model name Available Sizes Spare Zebra Erasers Additional Features / Informations
Standard 0.3mm
Type G Plastic body; plastic clip; available in a variety of colours
Type-ER 0.5mm Type Z Rubber grip; no clip (replaced by a roll stopper); magic eraser
Type-LX 0.3mm
Type G Metal grip section; metal clip
Type-GR 0.5mm Type Z Soft, ergonomic, thicker grip section (two layer design); plastic clip
+2C (multi pen) 0.5mm lead + 0.7mm ink (black and red) Type J Rubber grip; metal clip; slide buttons to select the function

Special Editions

The Standard DelGuard is also available in some special and limited editions, only in 0.5mm:

  • Studio Ghibli
  • Hello Kitty
  • Pokemon
  • Doraemon
  • Snoopy
  • Gradient (limited -two gradated pastel- body colours)
  • Shiny (limited barrel prints)