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{{Infobox company
{{Infobox company
| name = Write Notepads & Co.
| name = Write Notepads & Co.
| logo =  
| logo = [[File:Write_Notepads_logo.png]]
| founded  =  
| founded  =  
| founder = Chris Rothe
| founder = Chris Rothe

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Write Notepads & Co.
Write Notepads logo.png
Founder: Chris Rothe
Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland
Key People: Chris Rothe (Founder)
Products: Notebooks, writing instruments, accessories
Website: https://www.writepads.com

Write Notepads & Co. is a manufacturer and seller of notepads and writing accessories based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company was founded by Chris Rothe, the scion of a multi-generation bookbinding company. [1]