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| guests =
| guests =
| link = [https://www.relay.fm/penaddict/323 Episode 323]
| link = [https://www.relay.fm/penaddict/323 Episode 323]
| audiolink = [https://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/traffic.libsyn.com/thepenaddict/penaddict323.mp3 Audio Episode 323]
| audiolink = [https://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/traffic.libsyn.com/thepenaddict/TPA_323.mp3 Audio Episode 323]
| length = 59}}
| length = 59}}

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The Pen Addict (Podcast)
Episode: 323
Title: Mother Cover
Release Date: August 29th, 2018
Hosts: Brad Dowdy

Myke Hurley

Guests: No guests this episode
Additional Information
Official page: Episode 323
Audio File: Audio Episode 323
Length: 5959 min
0.983 h
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Do you have your plans made for the 2019 Hobonichi Festival? The what, you say? Brad and Myke break down all the Hobonichi planner goodness, plus new orange Sailor Pens, Elemental Notebooks, and the Pelikan infographic of awesomeness. [1]

Further Information


Start time: 39:56

  • Pen rotation systems
  • Solvent resistant ink for lab notebooks
  • Pens for Rite In The Rain notebooks
  • Pen spinning
  • Screen color calibration for ink samples
  • What do you do with your handwritten pen reviews?

Links & Show Notes

References and Notes

  1. Description taken from the official Pen Addict podcast page https://www.relay.fm/penaddict/323