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This citation template provides formatting and organizational features for footnotes. It adds support for a reduced font size, columns, groups.


  • First unnamed parameter (doesn't work with all browsers, e.g. on mobiles)
column-count: a natural number specifying fixed columns into which the reference list is to be rendered. Example: |2|.
column-width: a typographic unit of measurement such as em, specifying the width for the reference list columns. Example: |30em|.
  • refs: used with named references; it specifies a list of some or all named references used in the article.
  • group: identifies by name the subset of references to be rendered.
  • liststyle: specifies the style used when the reference list is enumerated; if none is specified, the default is to render a numbered list.


Consectetur.<ref>adipisicing</ref><ref>elit, sed</ref><ref>do</ref>



Lorem.[1][2][3][4] Consectetur.[5][6][7]

  1. ipsum
  2. dolor
  3. sit
  4. amet
  5. adipisicing
  6. elit, sed
  7. do