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Manufacturer: Staedtler
Type: wood cased pencil
Also called: Noris School Pencil
Made in : Germany
Available degrees:


On 1 April 1901 the Noris brand was signed up for registration and then registered at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin on 10 September 1901.[1]


The name Noris refers to the city of Nuremberg. The nickname Noris was given to the city of Nuremberg in the 17th century, based on a novel by Dr. Johann Helwig[1]. Staedtler, the company behind the Noris, is based in Nuremberg. The name Noris has been linked to Nuremberg ince the 16th century, possibly earlier.

Helius Eobanus Hessus was the first to describe Nuremberg as "noris amoena (pleasant Noris). Hessus derived Noris from the Latin name of Nuremberg in official documents, were the city was referred to as "Noricum" or "Norimberg".

Current version[edit]


The Noris with the current look that features black and yellow stripes was released in 1954 [2].The current version with article number 120 was released in 1967, but has seen some minor modifications since then.


Today's Noris is using one of three different types of wood: jelutong, white fir or cedar.


The current Noris 120 is made in Staedtler's factory in Germany. Previously the Noris was also made in Staedtler's factory in Pontyclun, Wales until the factory closed down in 2007/2008 [3] and in Temerloh, Pahang in Malaysia, until this factory closed down in 2010.

Previous versions[edit]

1901 - 1934[edit]

The Noris trademark was first registered in 1901. In the beginning Noris pencils were unicoloured


The first version of the Noris with the iconic black stripes was the Noris 1100 № 2, released on 5 January 1934. This version was black and orange, not black and yellow like the current version and was available until 1943, when it was replaced by a version with the imprint "CEDER" and "MADE IN BAVARIA". This version was available until Match 1955. [4]

1955 - 1967[edit]

In 1955 saw the switch from orange to the typical yellow colour. By now the Noris also had the typical dipped end cap and was available in 5 degrees, from 2B to 2H. [4]


1985 saw the introduction of the HB imprint to HB Noris pencils. [5]


Variations of the Noris include

  • Noris 122 with eraser tip, only available in HB
  • Noris Club 118
  • Noris Club 119
  • Noris ergosoft 152
  • Noris ergosoft 153
  • Noris eco 180 30

Further Information[edit]

World Record[edit]

In 2015, Noris made it into the Guinness Book of Records: with a Noris colour, made from Wopex material. It was the longest coloured pencil in the world at the time of the record at 459.97 metres. [1]

Noris Obelisk[edit]

In Barcelona, the Noris caused a sensation in 1989: On the occasion of the 120th international cartoon salon a giant Noris pencil was built. The obelisk beneath the structure is normally used as a guide for locals and visitors.[1]

Graphite 771 and Noris 763 mechanical pencils

Related pens[edit]

Pens related to the Noris include

  • Noris eco, a pencil based on Wopex materials, introduced in 2013
  • Noris digital for Samsung, a stylus originally marketed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 [6], but that works with all devices that use Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR) digitizers.
  • Noris handwriting pencil
  • Staedtler Noris 763 (mechanical pencil)
  • Staedtler graphite 771 (mechanical pencil)

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